world cancer day

world cancer awareness day

What is world cancer day and why do we celebrate it every year?

Well world cancer day is celebrated every year on the 4th February. It is to just help grow the awareness of cancer happening everywhere around us everyday. It affects everyone from the young to old it has no set type or age of person to target.

By shouting it from the roof tops every year we could potentially save thousands of lives by growing awareness of the warning signs. Getting people checking their bodies and checking out if they get any abnormalities.

How many does it affect?

With Cancer affecting more and more people as we all live longer and busier lives. Today is your day to be aware of what is happening.

So what does the stats say:

Ready for this? 8.8 million people die a year from cancer. By 2030 it is believed this to rise to a scary 13 million people a year. This means more people die from cancer then HIV/aids, malaria and TB all combined. Must admit that scary hey?

The 5 biggest cancers are breast, lung, colorectal, prostate and stomach cancers. This means more then ever with our population ever aging and ever growing we need to make people aware. Shout out the signs and check ourselves and our partners for any warnings.

world cancer day
by 2030 13 million people will die from cancer

This year for world cancer day they are running the theme WE CAN I CAN.

We can raise awareness through sharing this post with everyone. Shouting out it is world cancer day and to get aware of what our bodies maybe telling us. Join forces and be one big person.

Look at our own lives and see what we can do to make our lives healthier and happier longer. Know someone who is going through the cancer journey let them know they are not alone.

But the biggest thing of the day is make our voices heard and make people aware it can happen to anyone.

How can I show my support on World cancer day 2018?

There are many ways to show your support and be part of this amazing day. Help everyone be aware of the signs and symptoms and even just show your support.

  • share this with all your follows and let people know you are supporting world cancer day.
  • use the hashtags #worldcancerday #wecanican
  • why not even pop over to world cancer downloads and get a signs for change selfie card and share a photo on social media.

Thanks to world cancer day. org for the information I have been able to include in this amazing post. Want to see more look here at my post on testicular cancer awareness 

testicular cancer
heck turned to check to raise awareness of testicular cancer


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