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world book day – top childrens books for under 5’s

world book day is all about celebrating illustrators, authors, books but mostly the fact reading is great for kids.

Every year world book day is celebrated  in over 100 countries worldwide. It is is one of the biggest events of its kind. This year world book day falls on the 1st of march and children of all ages will come together and read. The aim of the day is to get children exploring the wonders and magic of reading.

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Here are a list of books that are not just in my house but also many are ones I have grown up with myself. From childhood classics to more newer great reads there a book for every child. Make world book day one packed full of adventure and fun with these books for under 5’s:

what books are great reads for children under 5’s?

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Have to start with a classic every kid will love and adults alike the tiger who came for tea. The story of a little girl with a of who her surprise teatime guest is but a huge stripy tiger. What is great is this book is now celebrating 50 years of being in publish. Yet it still a read every child loves to read and every adult will love to read.

top kids books
a book still loved by many even after 50 years of publication

Now this book is one that is read endlessly in our house. In fact if I allowed it be read (complete with actions) at least 6 times before bed. we’re going on a bear hunt is a book that is packed full of fun adventure and endless fun. No child should be without this book for sure. I also love this classic as a kid myself so it brings back memories of cheekiness and mystery.

we're going on a bear hunt
we’re going on a bear hunt we’re going to catch a big one

Everyone loves this book for sure and is so much fun to read with all the foods he eats. From a newly hatched caterpillar to an amazing butterfly this book shows children about exploring food. the very hungry caterpillar is just that he grows as he eats his way through various types of foods.

kids books
a newly hatched caterpillar that is really hungry and eats his way through various foods.

Yet another classic I loved as a kid and every parent can relate to even now 30 years after originally released. 5 minutes peace is a book about a mum with 3 children all competing for her undivided attention first thing in the morning. Yet all she wants is just a long soak in the bath and 5 minutes to herself.

 5 minutes peace kids books
a book every adult can resonate with and every child will love.

And for the not so classic book:

Now for one that is not so common and bit newer to the book world. Aliens love underpants is an amazing book about aliens under the bed and how if you leave your underpants about they will have them. They will steal your pants and have a party. It is part of an amazing series and my son thinks it is hilarious book for us to read together.

aliens love underpants book
a not so classic but a book my son and I love reading over and over.

so there we are top books for under 5’s:

From the classic to the newly released there is a book for every child. Each and every book will be loved by any child under 5 this world book day. Wanting to have more fun this world book day why not pop over to the world book day resources page. Here you will find fun activities for nursery, primary and secondary school aged children.

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