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Why I love my subscription

OK now a days there is a subscription box for everything healthy food, toys, clothes even my favourite designer looking household decor. So why designer decor over designer clothes which I admit have a passion for now. In fact if it has a brand name I am in love and hooked.

Many are thinking WOW really? Yes really I would say due to being in a lucky place I can do this now. Don’t think I have had this all my life no I have not. So what is it I love about my designer subscription box. Well everything from the element of surprise to the fact I can use the items over and over again unlike most subscription boxes.

So who is the company?

The company is called well you never guess but (haha) Yes I am officially in love. They are french based but distribute their boxes every month all over the world and it not a high cost to us in UK either.

poster lamp

There are 3 levels of subscription available. A 1 month, 6 month or 12 month subscription.  The ability to get a higher level subscription on the monthly plan is what initially attracted me to this company.

Each box comes with a different item each month from an up and coming designer in the world of decor. Not just that you get a magazine which adds a bit of insight to the artist behind the gift. I love this because it gives a sense of personalisation to you.

Ok the who thing is usally in french but this has no worries for me as they have started to offer it in english version too on some items. Yet the fact most of it is french and written in french you still get amazing items. I have had candle domes complete with candle to a poster light which I am so looking forward to using. All I do say is remember it is French so plugs will be 2 pinned. This is easily resolved by getting a travel adaptor.


The prices vary from 29.90 euros plus shipping for one month about £31.51 depending on pound to euro at time, right through to 19.90 euros  plus shipping which I do and is costing me 323.44 at the moment but does fluctuate month on month.

So as you see I am super enthusiastic about this company and I actually found by accident one day on google. If you want to look see what fab stuff they do keep eye on my Facebook and also you can look here


Do you get a subscription box?  what type do you like most?

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