food origin

where is your food really from?

Off you go pondering around the supermarket getting your weekly shop. But do you know where your food has actually come from?

With rising populations and budget buying people we are now having to import pre packaged food from abroad. This is coming down the stalling of farmers producing food to supply big chain supermarkets and government ignoring what is happening to the food producers.

We could lead a more sufficient and profitable food supply here in the UK, but lots needs to change. We as consumers need to be more aware how we can support farmers in the UK and also see where is the food really coming from.

origin of food
where is your food from do you really know?

My challenge begins:

I set myself a where’s my food from challenge I will spend a week of noting where I am buying my food from and how it is packaged. I will only buy food and drink if I know where it is from and this is how it went. Well I was shocked I wanted to try get as much UK origin based food items in my local supermarket.

Weekly food item shop consisted of:

2 packs mince – pre-packed in plastic only base recyclable – origin Ireland

2 packs apple sausages – in plastic none recyclable as was black plastic which can’t be recycled yet (honestly cos it can’t be detected by the machines) – origin UK

1 pack bananas – in plastic non recyclable – origin British

4 loose carrots – loose no packaging – origin British

1 pack king Edwards potatoes – in plastic non recyclable – origin British

whole chicken – in plastic only base was recyclable – origin British

Yes my shop was small as I wanted to just show the main foods I buy every week. Also to highlight and learn what I do in my normal shop. I was surprised as Asda do think British and support Uk based items as much as possible. The only thing that shocked me was the amount of plastic and non recyclable items products are packaged in. There is so much around that is packed for convenience and I found out why.

origin of food
where is your food from?
what is it’s origin?

convenient or sneaky?

Well think this supermarkets are being penalised to reduce their waste.

But how do they do that without cutting down on items we want?

Convenience that how they offer us large amounts of items at great low prices. We think ohhh bargain as 4 carrots loose cost say 40p yet we can get 12 carrots at 49p. Which will you go for? Yes like most people the 49p 12 carrots. Which may I highlight will most likely be imported cos packaging is to help keep items fresher longer.

Yet out those 12 carrots you may only use 6 so what happens we throw away the rest. This means supermarkets are not making extra waste yet we are. Now it is us who will get penalised for producing more waste.

What can I do then?

Well buy as much locally as possible. Go to the greengrocers and butchers if you have one, get fresh help locally.

If you don’t and have to go to the supermarket look at what you are buying.  Look for a UK flag or origin of UK on food. Why get imported food when our food is easily grown in UK? Yet all is the problem is we are just not buying enough cos we want convenient and cheap over quality and local.

But you can have great food at affordable prices with less packaging in the UK without just get anything that gets the eye.

food origin
less packaging and being aware can help get more local food in supermarkets.

before reading this did you know where your food origin is?


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