where are we going?

Where are we going with technology?

As the world starts to become more and more about being Eco-friendlier and also smarter where will this lead us to be in years to come?

The pandemic of illnesses becoming resilient to antibiotics is here already and scientists are trying to make a phase 2 of new antibiotics but will this truly be the cure?

Amazon and Google have both bought out their own AI smart home bots, and they are making a huge difference to how we buy stuff and interact with the world around us. Now we can tell our AI to turn lights on, turn on heating and even switch off the TV from another room. Will this make a rise in obesity or will it just plainly make life easier or even both? AI is changing the world. I am sure it will soon be all about AI smarter homes. The ability for lights and everything to be done wireless no more getting up to do everyday chores AI will do it all at the response of the human voice.

amazon echo

I do question how the internet providers will be able to allow our need for AI in our lives to be fast and responsive on an ever slowing internet connections.

These days tech is all about portability and robustness to cater to our hustling and bustling lives.

In Russia they have white-hat hackers AI designed to find the criminals before they hack accounts and potentially shut down networks.

In Denmark they have an AI and human who between them can detect Cancer. Yes this is amazing and hopefully will be a worldwide thing if all testing is passed.

AI testers have also made a bot to detect diseases in buds of plants allowing to cut famine down dramatically.


OK so all these great inventions are in testing and will hopefully be the norm one day. Yet this is a sign our world and technology is becoming smarter and more complexed. Our world is changing at a speed of knots and it is hard to keep up with it.

Will this be the beginning of a world where robots and machines are the norm in everyone’s home? what are your thoughts on AI?

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