thinking back

when willpower is trumped!!

Like many others now 2018 is here and I have a resolution. But what do I do when I get restless and need a bit push to keep going? I do many things but here are a few things we all can do when the moment of willpower is sinking and we start giving up on our resolution.

No matter what you plan to do this year there will be times we all just think why bother or it too hard and we start to give up. Don’t let life dictate you and get more control. By following these few simple steps you can try so you have a strong chance of meeting your goals this year.

  • have a goal. Ok this is an obvious one, but when you are losing yourself and willpower is lacking look at that goal. Look at why you set that goal in the first place. Set an end goal but break it into more manageable tasks. So if for example you want to exercise more what can you do to get that goal on the road? Maybe walk to work everyday or walk to the shops rather than taking the car. you could even just set the goal of every day you will walk round the block and work it up till you feel fitter and are exercising daily.

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  • Tell people your goals so then you have it as a push when you feel like giving up. People will soon point out when you don’t achieve a goal. Make yourself accountable for your goals and actions.

thinking back

  • Don’t let a setback make you give up. Yes as we are creatures of habit but when setbacks happen a lot people will just stop. Don’t , just pick back up and restart it again or carry on where you left off. You just having a bump on the journey to your desired life.



So these 3 goals will help you make those down moments more better. Life is never perfect there will always be a problem encountered or a setback somewhere. So next time you feel like giving up on your new years resolution don’t just stop take a breath and refocus. You can achieve anything if you just believe in it enough

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