when dieting is hard

I work everyday with many people looking at ways to diet to change their lives. But dieting can be so hard. People wonder how much do I need to eat? how can I lose weight properly?

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Well here I am here to help you answer that valuable question. It is so important to get portion sizes right especially if aiming to lose weight. Click To Tweet

I have been given the golden opportunity to review and use a wonderful companies products and weight loss management subscription.

the diet plate company offer everything from helping you know exactly what your daily intake should be right too a bowl and plate. The plates and bowls are designed to help you automatically know how much you need to eat

lose weight

The diet plan subscription plan:

Ok so

  • Targets are calculated especially for you so you can achieve consistent results, undoing mistakes and avoiding weight loss plateaus.
  • there is no menu eat what you love most. Just make sure you try your hardest to hit your target intake.
  • The goal is your goal and decide how fast you want to lose the weight.
  • see what your foods nutritional content is at a glance even if it made from scratch or at a restraunt.
  • make meals as you build your entries or to your taste.
  • see how it is broke down of short term goals helping you stay motivated longer.
  • work by itself or combine it with the diet plate
  • works out at about £1.92 less then a takeaway coffee.

subscription costs:

3mths for £24.99

6mths for £49.99

7 mths for £74.99

1 year £99.99

The diet plate

With each week that passes, those using thier nutritionally balanced portion control plates will see a steady weight loss of 1-2kg or 1-4 pounds. You are 6 times more likely to lose weight with The Diet Plate than going it alone.

26% of the type 2 diabetics using The Diet Plate during a clinical trial required a decrease of their medication within 6 months.

all plates and bowls are dishwasher and microwave safe which aids for easier preparation and washing.

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I love this product and my mum has been using it and found it to be so beneficial to her weight loss journey 2 weeks in and she is losing 3lbs on average a week already. If you on that journey and want to lose weight and as a thank-you the company has also offered 40% off all sales using this code in next 30 days FC14A-73B79-4FF46-2B295 at their webiste the tool that will help you


I got this set for FREE off the diet plate company in exchange for my honest and open opinion.

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