what makes protein pancakes so good?


some body range
some body is the ultimate health and fitness range by Superdrug



Protein pancakes sounds odd right?

You are wondering how these will actually taste seen protein is usually used in powder form. This usually makes food taste powdery. I know that is my biggest put off when using protein based products.

What if there was a pancake that tasted amazing, was healthy and filled you up for longer. Therefore you would try it right?

Here is what a great pancake should taste like:

Firstly thanks to Superdrug I am able to share some more of their some body range. This time is their amazing protein pancakes. You will soon see why I say they are amazing later on.

The some body range is getting larger and is aimed at those of us who love to be healthy yet not miss out on the treats. The product range includes everything from protein bars to low calorie popcorn, drinks to everyday food items. As a result it means no one is really left out in the fitness industry here.


So what do you get in this new pancake mix?

Now if you are looking for something simple and quick this is for you. The main box contains 4 sachets of protein pancakes, which is 4 servings. Therefore no measuring is needed making it simple to use. All you do need to do is add 80ml of cold water whisk up and fry in lightly oiled pan.

Literally within a few minutes your pancakes are all ready.

what do they taste like?

for the reason there’s one word amazing. My son and I added raisins to ours offering a sweetness to the already not so normal tasting pancake. Usually you find pancakes taste bland and boring yet even without any added ingredients this wasn’t. Yet these has a slight moreish protein taste without the powdery aftermath to it.

Therefore you will be eating away and before you even decided if you enjoyed or not it has gone. This means you are left feeling fuller for longer which if dieting can only be a plus right?

sweet or savoury any flavour works
be it sweet or savoury you can add anything to these amazing tasting pancakes.

Where can I get these, they sound amazing?

amazing protein pancakes can be made anyway you want them to be. Be you a savoury or even a sweet fan they taste amazing. To get yours pop down to superdrug and get your  superdrug protein pancake . Want to see the whole some body full range.

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topping with cheese for a protein pancake with sweet and savoury
adding fillings can add a depth of flavour that makes it so moreish

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