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Valentines day what meal deals are on offer?

We are just 2 days away from a day that is huge in the supermarket calendar. Valentines day this year we are set to spend a staggering £1 billion yes billion on gifts and going out.

With a 10% increase in sales set to happen what are the supermarkets offering in their meal deals to entice us?

Look here and I be sharing with you what is on offer and where this year.  I will cover all the big supermarkets for you to compare below:

Lets begin:


This year Tesco is offering a great package deal it includes 2 sides, 2 mains, 1 bottle of wine or box of chocolates and 1 dessert for £20. There is literally something for everyone from beef Wellington to lobster with macaroni and cheese. So if looking for something posh for the special day here maybe the place to be going.

tesco valentines meal deals

tesco valentines deal
want something posh this valentines day? Why not try lobster macaroni and cheese


Well Morrison’s meal deal is very much meal oriented and adding a sense of class about it compared to Tesco. At Morrison’s you will get a starter, main, side, dessert and wine all for £15.

From the tasty the best Poussin with red wine and shallot sauce to a smoked haddock and king prawn fish pie.

morrisons valentines day meal deal

morrisons valentines day deal
smoked haddock and king prawn fish pie to lovely Poussin in red wine and shallot sauce. morrisons has it covered


Asda is different it is one that is offering a more traditional meal deal. They are offering 1 starter, 1 main, 2x sides, wine or a soft drink and 1 desert all for £16. The food options are more steak and sea bass with roasted tomatoes and basil. In my opinion these are everyday meals and have no wow factor about them.

asda valentines meal deal

asda valentines day meal
asda offer a more traditional meal deal from steak to sea bass



Well like always Waitrose are all about classiness and luxury. They offering the traditional meals with a bit of class about it. From sea bass stuffed with slow roasted tomatoes to a more simple yet very tasty Heston’s steak pie. Waitrose meal deal contains the same as the others of 2 side, 1 main, 1 starter, 1 dessert and some fizz all for £20. This makes it very similar to Tesco on offerings in quality and price.

waitrose valentines day deal

waitrose valentines meal deal
as always waitrose add a touch of classiness about it in their meal deal this year.

So we are near the end but I want to push in just one more of the big supermarkets. I wanna share Sainsbury cos they have surprised me this year.


You are wondering how they have surprised me this year now aren’t you? Well after scouring the various supermarkets to see their deals this valentines day, I was shocked Sainsbury don’t seem to be advertising one. They just offering various valentines dinner for 2 at a discounted prices. This is worrying thing as to me it rings alarms bells. Are they in danger and struggling or they just breaking the tradition?

Who knows but this is something they are missing out on as we seem to spend more and more on special occasions.

What are your plans drop me a comment let me know this valentines day!

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