times supermarkets hope you won’t visit

Yes the supermarkets have times they hope you won’t visit. This is cos they are reducing items and will not be making the full price money from us.

so here is part three of my series this week on couponing and saving money.

They are great at making us spend £1000’s but here are some of the supermarkets inside secrets. Yellow sticker time. yes these are items reduced a bargain hunters dream come true.  Store times will vary store on store but mainly they do try keep as same as possible across the company.

extreme couponing
make sure you read the coupon terms and also what to buy and where.

So what times are best?

Asda –

Biggest discounts are on a Wednesday cos this is when the new offers go on and so want to get the most from their items. They start (in Staffordshire) 9am making up to 25% off reductions and by 3pm they are up to 50% off and 9pm before they shut it be down to 75% off. I are well blended in with the usual items usual in a bottom corner of a aisle or top corner at end of the aisle.

Co-op –

Items that are about to reduce that are going to reduce that day are usually reduced (again in Staffordshire) at 6am by up to 50% and then last reduction is between 7-9pm where you will get up to 75% off. These items are usually located in one place meat in fridges, frozen in freezer and fresh produce on a shelf or trolley in store.


Morrison –

From experience Morrisons will not start reducing their items till late morning. Last reductions are done about 6pm onwards. Have heard it varies store on store and is purely down to the store manager to find the optimum time to get rid but make the maximum money.


Sainsbury –

Here from previously working in my local one we reduced items between 6am- 8am depends how much needs reducing for the day. Then to get items at a few pence get there from 7-9pm in the evenings. Items like most stores are all on end of aisles or near a designated counter to get the eyes.


Tesco –

Is my last one as awaiting a reply on Waitrose so will update on this once got reply. Tesco from shopping experiences myself have found many start reducing at 8am. The biggest discounts like many are hour before closing or if 24hr is usually 7-9pm.


overall what best then?

Overall there is no set time as many varies store on store but most have come to be seen as:

6-8am for up to 25% off

around lunch to 3pm for up to 50% off

and lastly 75% discount is usually 6-9pm


So there you have the optimum shopping times from my personal experiences. Now you have the ultimate starters guide to couponing and the coupon lingo along with the times. This is a recipe for saving £££’s every month.

what will you spend those extra pennies on now? drop me a comment below

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