the weekend rainforest box review

Every weekend my son and I vow we have a few non media non working time together. At the weekend we always make a few hours of each day to have some us time and that is so important. As a single stay at home mum and my son in nursery 5 days a week our time is the weekend.

recently we did a weekend on everything related to the rain-forest and we had so much fun exploring. Thanks to the weekend box.

weekend box review
this parrot mask was simple to make together

what is in the box?

We have 4 activities for just £8.95 a month. Bargain for the fun you will have in my eyes.

The four activities are:

  • one nature related (growing a rainforest in a bottle
  • 2 crafting activities (ours is a parrot mask and also a raindrop sun catcher)
  • lastly is 1 kitchen bake (trail blazing cookies in our case)

So have to admit 2 activities on a Sunday and 2 on Sunday is allowing some amazing mum, son time that is valuable after a busy week of working. My son and I loved the fun we had we actually have carried on subscribing and look forward to more fun activities.

our fun in the box:

Literally the fun my son and I had making these crafts was awesome. It is great having time together just the 2 of us knowing he is happy and i am stress free. It is my time away from work just us no distractions unless someone knocks on door or my family call me.

The first item we had fun making was the parrot mask OK this did need some adult help. Most can be done by the child aged 3 years upwards and helps on so many levels. From hand eye coordination to letting their creativity go wild. There is a booklet enclosed for guide on how to do each activity, its level of difficulty, time to make and what you will need for the activity. There are always a few items you may need to add but nothing that not already in the house.

weekend box review
simple to make just need a bottle and water


Next up was the nature activity a simple to make rain forest in a bottle. i be honest reading this i was wondering what are these seeds? how big will it grow? along with a million other questions but that was my head over thinking as normal. What was great about this is there was everything except a plastic bottle in the packet. This was an activity that my son loved as he loves nature and planting stuff. Overall it was a fun yet messy activity with a 3-year-old.


the fun was far too much:

We had decided to spread the activities over 2 weekends so to really get a good range of fun from the activities. Some the activities are short but the enjoyment of the family time is priceless. Seeing my sons face light up, getting excited and intrigued about what we were doing. It was worth every moment. I have not included all the activities here but keep eye on our Facebook page and you will see all them and much more.


This activity box is great for every family with kids of all ages and really is worth getting. It helps kids learn so much and explore their surroundings, learn basic cooking skills. Most of all it just helps children and adults explore time together.

Can I get one too?

Yes of course and because it is you I can offer you a special price of just £4.95 for a 4 activity pack (usually £8.95) or FREE yes FREE if you feel you just want to try out the 2 activity box. Click the link here get your box here

weekend box review
great way to have family time


DISCLOSURE: there are affiliate links enclosed in this post meaning i get a small percentage of all sales made at no cost to yourself. 



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