the ultimate spring clean begins

Hi all i gonna be honest with you. I HATE CLEANING, but then surely that most of us right? The hours wasted in life just making our homes look perfect for a guest that MAY come.

Yet here I am getting out the cleaning items that may have gathered a bit of dust over the winter.  Getting my rubber gloves on and scrubbing everything. What the hell is happening?

My spring clean is starting now maybe it is an obsession or is it just a thing of habit? Who knows, but I am sure there is an answer somewhere out there. Back to the topic in hand cleaning.

bicarb cleaning
looking to clean in a more natural way?

I wanted to talk to you about how having a spring clean has helped me and my life.

I use to be feeling anxious all the time and over thought everything. Yes this is the reality of social anxiety at it’s best. It wasn’t just OK i hoovered up and the toys are all away it is worse then that.  Over the past few months it has helped me bring down my anxiety levels at home at least just not out an about yet but that for another day.

so what is my cleaning regime?


  • pick up toys, magazines and anything else that does not live in the lounge.
  • hoover and this can be done up to twice a day depending on how messy my son gets in the evenings
  • clean kitchen worktops
  • sweep and mop floors in kitchen
  • empty bin (only if needs to be emptied) and put out recycling
  • make the beds
  • clothes all in wash machine
  • laundry on and out to dry
  • clothes put away that are dried
  • wipe down bathroom sink
  • bleach the toilet every morning and night before we go bed.
  • sort through mail and ditch the junk in recycling


  • wipe down sofas
  • polish all furniture
  • clean windows in and out (unless raining then just in)
  • sweep and mop hall and bathroom
  • hoover lounge and bedrooms
  • wipe down doors and sticky marks on walls
  • disinfect microwave
  • change bedding
  • change all face cloths and hand towels
  • clean toilet, sink, and bath
  • wipe the mirrors
  • clean and sort my desk out
  • file all paperwork
cleaning has helped my social anxiety even though it feels a chore sometimes

You do all this?

On top I am a blogger as you know. Yes time management for me is crucial but doing this everyday has helped. I have become obssessed over being timely, keeping to a schedule and having 100 pieces of paper printed off.

Yet having this cleaning and my blog planned exactly has helped me feel in control of something. My anxiety is not so bad at home ok i do get odd day but it more controlled. All this is since cleaning became a controlled part of my daily routine.

Yes I still hate the thought of cleaning but knowing it is helping me health wise I all for it. At the weekends my son who is 3 will happily help too but i hope he doesn’t see it as a must have to thing.




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