weight loss

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Now 2018 is here. January is seen as the resolution month but how many of us will it be to diet and exercise more?

Many I am sure of. Did you know the obesity levels are at the highest that have been seen forever and more and more of us are becoming less active and turning to convenience items. These items include weekly takeaway’s, food on the go and skipping breakfast.

weight loss

80% of middle-aged Britons are drinking too much, not exercising enough and are in the obese category.  This is shocking I am sure you agree. As our society is aging more and everything is becoming more convenient what does the future hold for future generations?

So what is good plan of action to lose weight and keep it off?

Firstly don’t go straight for the easy option of fat burners or slimming pills. They have no scientific effect on the body. In a recent study on ITV 2 people took what they thought were a natural fat burner but one was a placebo one was the actual item. Yet neither had any real effect to how the bodies core temperature rose. So don’t go wasting money on what are called fast fixes.

fat burners

There are ways to do it without wasting money on big products or having to make major lifestyle changes.

It has been shown that 99% of people who start a diet will a not follow it through and b most likely to gain weight. Why is this? what the point in dieting then?

Honestly as a nutritionist myself I see this dilemma over and over again. It is not about following a certain diet cos each diet is tailored to a set type of person. This means not every diet is going to work for you. The general rule is to eat the following:

  • 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day
  • starchy foods (potatoes, pasta and rice for example) should make up 1/3 of everything we eat
  •  15 to 19 grams of protein per meal if you eat three meals a day.
  •  7 to 12 grams per meal of fats


This is just a recommendation as each individual needs vary depending upon weight, desired weight-loss and their activity levels each day. But the general rule is 500 calories cut each day will aid about 1/2 to 1 stone lost a week.

Don’t forget drinks have calories too and these are some of the many unaccounted calories in people’s plans for weight loss. The last item on the agenda and is the biggest cause for that weight actually not staying off, EXERCISE. Yes we don’t do it enough. We are not having at least 30 minutes a day where our bodies are out of breath heart pumping fast yet still able to just hold a conversation. That is what professionals mean by exercise.

How much exercise do you do and what is your resolution this year?


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