sun allergy

the sun has to shine but stay protected

The weather is stunning and very hot but many people are unaware the damages the intense sun can do to them. It is time to get sun protection sorted.

No it not another ohh the sun will give you cancer or the sun gives your skin an uneven look when exposed too much to UV rays lecture. I am wanting to share the importance of sun-cream applications to help you and the family be more sun protecting savvy.

so what is the story? (yes it is true)

Here a short story first though that yes is true and hard but we get by. My son is 3 now and he had this problem on hot days it could be cloudy and hot even. He has a allergy to UVB rays so this means sun-cream to not effective without the use of a steroid cream application first. I never was that aware of how the sun can really affect us till my son got diagnosed with polymorphic light eruption disorder (PMLE) . This means it could be cloudy and windy yet the UV levels maybe moderate to high so he still needs sun-cream over his steroid creams. If we don’t his skin blisters up as if he is sunburnt even with just sun-creams.

sun allergy
my son has limited time in the sun due to a UVB allergy

As you can guess he can’t stay in sun long as the sun-creams need to be applied 3-4 times a day. This happens most days. This is just to keep the UVB rays from causing a reaction to his skin. It is hard as he grows older. As we have to keep telling him to come in for half an hour to apply more creams to keep him safe, especially when he having so much fun in the sun.

cloudy skies and windy days don’t mean my son won’t have sun-cream as well as steroid creams to protect him. It the UV rays that cause the reactions

So what do we do to allow him more quality time in the sun?

The catch is he needs exposure to the sun to build up an immunity to the UVB rays.  Yet too long and it causes blisters to his ears and side of face. Yes it is hard to gain a balance but we have started to find a cream that helps him longer.
I have tried numerous sun-creams over his steroid creams but so many last 2-3 hours before he is going red and starting to burn. Yet now after realising the I could get a sun-cream that is high SPF and protects against UVA and UVB rays FM ultimate suncare body spray.

FM suncare range is a god send for us

It is amazing it helps my son stay protected longer. Combined with his steroid cream he can now stay out 5-6 hrs if he wants. Not that he does often now as he so use to coming in loads. Yet we know it helps and he can play longer. Allowing me to feel less guilty as a mum saying you have to come in. FM ultimate sun-care helps my son play out longer and is great for the whole family.

What is FM ultimate suncare like?

Well as a mum I love the fact it is not sticky unlike most sun-creams you buy these days. Also it is a longer protection allowing a sense of being assured your child is protected and having fun. Yet the best bit is not just the fact it is great quality and affordable but it can be used for the whole family. At just £16.50 I feel it is worth every penny to have a happy and protected child. Well whole family really . It not just the sun-cream that helps but also the after sun cooling mist is great when you get burnt and need to cool it down.

What is your biggest problem when deciding on your sun cream purchase?

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