the plastic overloading

We all use plastic excessively I am sure I am not alone on this. From the everyday bottle of water to the single use carrier bags (which are soon to be gone I am sure). But what is it doing to our planet?

I am not here to say ohhhh plastic is bad far from it. I am just saying why don’t we look at what we are doing to our planet from using so much.

what is happening really then?

Well ok there are places where one container that is plastic is used endless amount of times to transport various stuff. This is not what is causing pollution in our seas. It is not what is causing sea life to get trapped and die slowly and unnecessarily.

So what is? It is the single used bottles we use in our world the ones that are left on beaches. The ones blown away because people can’t be bothered to bin them.

for every 6 single use bottles used only 1 is recycled
bottle plastic overload
1 in 6 bottles are recycled the rest go to landfills and take 100’s years to degrade

With 1 in every 6 bottles recycled and the rest chucked into everyday rubbish bins or not even binned at all that is the problem. So they are chucked in landfills and buried well first they need to spend the next 100 years degrading meaning they are being exposed to nature.

each bottle manufactured is made with 1/4 of its volume as crude oil

Yes every bottle that is manufactured means a 1/4 of its volume is crude oil. This is another factor that contributes to so many deaths of animals when exposed to them.

why is this happening then?

Well many years ago it was normal to see lots of recycled items such as glass bottles for milk and juice. But as costs to manufacture these items rose it became best to find a cheaper option and that was the plastic bottle. Unfortunately the problem with plastic is it can only be recycled a certain amount of times before it just too weak to be used for anything. This is the point of the landfill.

plastic overload
so many animals get trapped and have to die a long slow death. why not recycle and reuse?

how can I do anything about it surely it a business problem?

Well stop there we can all do something to potentially cut down the need for them. Here are a few ways you can cut the plastic in your life down to a minimum:

  • use bag for life and preferably a canvas or hessian one.
  • reuse bottles and take away containers as much as possible.
  • take your own thermo mug to a coffee shop and ask for takeaway coffee in that.
  • don’t buy bottled water there a tap somewhere that will give it to you for free. even many shops will give you free water.
  • biggest one recycle as much as possible.

There you have it the reason of why we are using too much plastic. Where it is ending up and lastly how you can make a difference.  So next time you want to chuck something away think can it be reused or recycled?

How much plastic do you think you use in a week?


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