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Do you love eye make-up and want to know what Marc Jacobs has to offer you lately?

disclosure:- I received these products complimentary from influenster for testing purposes. Affiliate links are used in this post meaning I make a percentage on every sale.

Well as we all love to look our best and companies are trying to keep us interested and showing off their ranges more than ever. Marc Jacobs are no exception with their market becoming more and more known to everyday people as well as the people who have the money to buy the higher end products.

I got an opportunity to try the latest highliner out from Marc Jacobs. Their matte highliner is amazing in my personal opinion. I love make-up and trying new things and when I got this in the post complimentary of influenster and Marc Jacobs for testing purposes I couldn’t wait to try. So what do I think about my new make up?

make-up marc jacobs

Well firstly the design is gorgeous very top end and stylish to the eye. With the silver crayon which is thin and easy to handle with the brand name on it, complimenting the real colour of the crayon enclosed gives it a sense of class. When using I was shocked and this was where I fell in love. The crayon is not like others, it has a creaminess and softness when applying to the eye area. The precision to offer an intense yet smooth colour is what I absolutely adore about this. Unlike most crayons there is no feel of cheapness or scratching on application.

pink on me make up marc jacobs

So is there any bad about it? Really is there?

Well honestly only flaw I had was the fact the dark colours are real dark and sometime took some scrubbing to get off. Tad too waterproof at times. That is a minor down point and easily overlooked to when the quality and high-end look makes it feel like every £20 you spend on one is well spent.

If you love your make-up this is a product to buy. It must go on your list of make-up must haves. Since starting this review and getting various compliments to what I am wearing I had to buy some more. I would never have tried this before this review and also I would have never realised you can get such an amazing product for such a great price.

So if you think of buying one get down to your local John Lewis where you will see a full range of them. There really is a colour for everyone from dark ivory to a light pink.

What is your favourite make-up item you can’t live without?

Want to get your hands on one of them too? look here to get yours on amazon now: marc jacobs highliner



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