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so we all love a bit of nature taking us to places of the unknown. Well south-west Jonathan Bradley offers you just that. A book packed full of beautiful poetry and interesting facts about British native butterflies. What is great is this book means all donations from sales are donated to the butterfly conservation. Have to agree this is a great reason to get a book if it is for a good cause and if you are huge butterfly fan.

disclosure:   I was not paid for writing my honest and open views on this e-book. I was gifted the e-book for free in exchange for my review. There are affiliate links enclosed. Also have provided a link below to get your copy and donate to a great cause.

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In each chapter you find amazing facts and a poem about each of the 34 different butterflies. I am a lover of nature and reading this I got very engrossed and fascinated by so many interesting and intriguing facts and thoughts. You really get the feeling of being in the moment and seeing each amazing poem unfold before your eyes as if it was real. It is great how every poem about humans can relate to each individual butterfly species.

From well-known to the unknown and rarely seen species there is something in this book to get that mind thinking and you looking as spring is soon to approach, for each species.

From the food they eat to where they maybe seen you will learn not just what each butterfly is but also the origin of why they are called what they are. To make this more helpful in spotting those amazing butterflies you will find close and detailed photographs of each one.

This book is a must for all nature lovers and will be great as a family read with older children. With the deep engrossing literature and interesting facts you will just keep turning pages and wanting to keep reading. At points I wanted to put it down and go sleep but I just knew as late as it was I wanted to read more and was so interested in learning all about our British butterflies.


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