the 4 fundamental things every blogger needs to know!

In the blogging world everything is not so rosy as many of you really think it is. Everyday can be a long gruelling set of tasks needing to be done. Everything from emails to brands, social media and blog posts to be written. That is just the tip of the iceberg too.

4 fundamentals for bloggers
here are just 4 of the many terms as a blogger you know.

So what are the main things you need to know and why?

Well there are 4 things you need to know about the blogging world. These 4 fundamental things are what in the blogging world are seen as the basics to know. So you are wondering what they are I know I can tell. Ok here goes.

  1. In at one is know your goals. If you don’t where you want your blog and life to be in 10 yrs , 5yrs or even next year, how will you get there? You can’t just blog and share and not be aiming for nothing but thin air you just not going to get what you want to achieve. Write those goals down and plan for the next 10 yrs. That is if you are serious about blogging.
  2. Secondly know your audience. You want to know when and where they at online, what social media they use, how they shop, where they shop. All this can make you write content based upon your likes and desires as well as your audiences. Wanting to know this is simply found when looking in your analytics on social media and on google.
  3. Thirdly you should know your stats. Why?  Because when your out and about you never know when you may get approached by brands or want to pitch a local business at an event. You need to know your total social media following, demographics of your audience and their age range. Most of all you need to know how many page views you get on average every month. As an added bonus what is your DA?
  4. Lastly what do those terms mean in the blogging world?

DA, PR, self-hosted, micro-influencers, the list could go on. Here a the basic ones that are used a lot in the blogosphere world:

  • DA – da means domain authority. This is how google looks at your blog in terms of leadership in your niche and how you will rank in google searches.  This is great for those wanting to work with brands in the future.
  • PR – What is PR? PR is the public relations team within a company. When working with brands this is the people you want to get to know. I not saying become friends them but some do and I have made some great PR friends whilst blogging. If you are writing to brands this is the team you wanna be talking to in order to get blog collaborations.
  • self-hosted – This is all about whether you have bought a domain name a .com, or even .net . Being self-hosted means you have more control over what you are doing with your blog and adding content like adverts and sponsored content to your blog.
  • micro and macro influencers – many people do not know which they fall into micro- influencer, influencer, macro-influencer. It is a simple thing if your social media following is 10k or under you are a micro-influencer 10k to 100k and you are a influencer and 100k over you are a macro influencer.


So there you have it just a few things that every blogger should know. The list can be a lot longer but I thought I share just a few to start with. The blogging world is huge and very complicated at times but in reality having an organised plan and it makes it all easier.

What have you found is the hardest part to get to terms with in your blogging life?

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