the starters guide to coupons

Where do I get coupons?

How do I use use coupons in the UK?

What is the point in them?

Can they really save me money using coupons?


These are just a few questions I have been asked in response to a recent social media post.

where did it all begin?

I was recently scrolling through my TV guide and up it popped the programme that started my initial addiction to saving money “extreme couponing”. So there I am posting about my excitement of finding after all this time of it not being on to realise people wanted to know more.

What did I do?

Well after my mass amount of series recording on SKY, a lightbulb flicked on in my head.

   If people don't know about this money-saving goldmine I must teach them. Click To Tweet

I must start a post and let people experience the thrill and excitement I do knowing how much I am going to save.

couponing can really change lives if you want it to.

teach me please:

Ok firstly can I state there are 3 types of couponers:

  • the casual couponer –  someone who will mainly end up paying for a full priced shop. They may hand over 1 or 2 coupons or get odd reduced item. mainly there are no savings really made.
  • Next is the Skilled couponer – these people think more strategically they will use coupons and they will buy reduced items when shopping. These people are benefiting from a cheaper than normal shop.
  • Lastly is me the extreme couponer – someone who never pays a full price for anything and will do all I can to get it as close to free as possible. I will use multiple coupons, store and manufacturers to get optimum deals and will most likely shop 3-5 shops in a weekly shop. On top of that I will buy lots reduced items.

which are you now?

which do you want to be?

Firstly you got to go get those coupons but where?

There are several sites that you can use to get the coupons links are below to my top 3. You will need to make an account and it may ask for you to download some printing software don’t worry it is safe.

money saving expert

caring everyday


Go in choose what type of items you will want to buy in your next shop only think next shop to start with or you will confuse yourself. I will go deeper into this topic in several posts for you all over next few weeks.

So there you have your coupons you hit the print and have them in your hands.

extreme couponing
dust it off cos this is where the excitement begins

what next?

Well you need to hit the laptop and go to my supermarket . You can set up an account to save price alerts of just use the search bar totally up to you. Now is where the list for shopping comes into play. Search each coupon you are gonna use and find the cheapest place that sells it and on offer. Add to a list and note the product, supermarket and price you will pay after the coupon is used.

Next is time to go get the shopping done. Don’t forget the coupons though.

What to do at the supermarket:

So off you go do shopping as normal well normal ish actually. Be aware of what you are buying and look at the item on your list make sure it is what it says on the coupon.

You got the shopping in the trolley and time to get to the checkout. Here is where the total will be rising and rising. This is an extreme couponer’s most nervous point in time.

Hand over your loyalty card and couponer’s you want the maximum discount you can get. With rising prices you want to save right?

Now here goes let the cashier bring that total back down again with any discounts you can get.

Time to go home and reap those rewards for the hard-work you put in to that amazing shop.

extreme couponing
saving money in the supermarket is all about out smarting them.

how much have you saved this week?


see more on Friday about the lingo of couponing to the max.



  • Kim - The Blog Genie

    I’m definitely a casual couponer. I do one weekly food shop online and have it delivered. I get coupons every quarter as part of a supermarket rewards scheme but that’s it. Iknow I could probably save money shopping in several shops but I genuinely don’t have time with a full time job and 2 blogs now


      wow that is a very busy day to day life then but maybe even using those coupons you find or get from rewards schemes means you are saving still saving money. doing a shop in a supermarket rather then going online and getting reduced items can save you a fortune too.

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