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I am a lover of trying new things and when I was asked to try out Square pies new frozen pie range at Waitrose, how could I say no.

disclosure: I was gifted these pies in exchange for my honest and open opinion. I was not paid any money to express my own thoughts here. 

Proper little pies are 4 x 65g in 3 mouth-watering flavours of chestnut mushroom and bollotti bean, goats cheese and sweet potato and the one and only original steak and ale pie. What is so amazing is all these pies come in under 200 calories each and are mega filling for the size.

They are so simple to cook all you do is take out the freezer and put in the oven in just 20 minutes they are done. When you add some potatoes and veg and that a meal in less than 30 minutes. Amazing right?

square pies

I was lucky to try all 3 flavours and all were divine. Our favourite was the traditional steak and ale ones as they had strong flavours and crumbly pastry can’t beat it that way.

The packaging is simple yet gives a sense of tradition which makes it most appealing on the freezer shelf. These retail at just £3.50 a pack and are found in the freezer area of your local waitrose . So be you a vegetarian or meat eater there is a square pie at a low-calorie and tasty option for all. I am looking forward to going to buy some more in my next shop soon. These will make ideal snacks at your Christmas party this year and something different and tasty for all the guests.

Who is a pie lover?

cos you just have to try these if you are.

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