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If you are like me you are unfortunately a clock watcher. You always looking at the time. Be that for:

  • time for getting the kids up
  • school run
  • a meeting
  • lunch
  • school run again
  • tea time
  • bath time
  • bedtime
  • telly time

The list can go on.

If also like me I am wanting my house to look amazing at all times so when people come in there is a sense of wow factor. Does that make me bit strange? Bit materialistic? I am unsure but I do know if I am going to look at something endlessly in a day why not make it look good.

When I opened my designer subscription box this month I was excited. Ok sad I know cos it was a clock. Yet it was simply designed and had a sense of style about it. Against my pale walls and with its bold colours it looked amazing. It offered me that wow factor I had only dreamed of in my home.

This one of the many reasons my designer box subscription never seems to not amaze me. Every month is a new surprise and also something unique. Every item is something I can use in my household and will add wow factor wherever it sits.

designer box
with boldness and wow factor it is my dream clock

What makes it so wow?

Well everything from the bold colours against my pale walls to the chunky shape that is simple yet a great focal feature. As people now enter my kitchen the first they see is the bold chunky designed art deco type clock.

The great thing is my subscription box is amazing with something new every month from a new and upcoming artist. This is one of the many reasons I love what I get each month. Another reason is the simple fact every item is not on the high-street. It is not something everyone can buy it is unique and limited edition.


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