stress levels as amompreneur

simple ways you can reduce stress as a mompreneur now

As a single mum and also a mum who stays home and works, I am juggling loads and I know I am not alone. Recent research on 5000 working women has shown that it actually has some serious effects on their lives. Everything from relationships driven to breaking point right through to actually harming their children’s prospects in life.

Yes I am as shocked as you on this. Some things may seem obvious but other things may seem a shock.

work life balance
some things shocked me others did not but having a balance in life has changed so much

Don’t despair there is a way to dramatically reduce it:

There are so many ways you can reduce the stress yet still get work done. Theses simple tasks will dramatically change how you and your family live.

I know because I swear by these. After a big realisation of my sons behaviour changing as I worked loads and he got less attention. Yes this may seem cruel but it is so easy to get hooked into working in the desperation to make it work.

Now here are just a few ways that getting that ultimate work-life balance right will help you reduce your stress.

  • set boundaries. I mean this because of the fact it is so easy to get sucked into working. You just get this done then that and by time you know it you have lost half a day. Also your family has not seen you and you been sat at a computer just like I am now typing away forgetting the rest.
  • plan ahead and get organized. Yes I literally did this because I use to spend 8 hours a day 7 days a week working. Well I thought it was working but actually it that usual unnecessary stuff that gets you no results. So everyday you plan to work for make a goal of action and stick to it. Don’t do more than you have planned just add anything else you would like to do to a to do list for another day. This means you will keep family and work evened out.
  • Block out you time. Yes as a working mum this is the easiest thing you can overlook. Why because you probably got the mind-set of a rookie. If I don't work I may miss an opportunity and/or lose money. Click To Tweet Well don’t think like that. Your health is just as important if not actually more than money. It will all be there when you come back at a later time.
stress relief
a few simple steps you can start reducing stress as a mompreneur

Lastly you should:

stay connected with your family. This vital step will make all the difference to your family life.

Work on these steps and see the difference in your relationships between you and your family change. Also see how much more productive you become by doing just these few simple steps.

why I am glad I did it?

I am glad I took 2 weeks of time out with my son. It soon made me realise actually I was working way too much and deserting myself and him. After this wake up and smell the coffee moment I realised I needed to plan and get myself on track for my son sake and my own. After just 1 week of getting reorganised and spending more time with him his behaviour changed. He became an angel no more temper tantrums all the time ok we had odd one but that normal.

So as you see you can get a life where you are not wasting it working and deserting your family. Yet you can still have the best of both worlds if you just follow these steps.

How do you make sure you have a good work-life balance?

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