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2018 is here and like many you have over spent on the one big time spender of the year Christmas. Now the bills are starting to come and that dreaded credit card statement is about to fall on the floor or drop into your emails. What can you do so you can afford everyday life and the dreaded overspend of Christmas?

Well you be surprised how easy it is to cut back without missing you on the odd luxury item. I want to share some great money-saving tips with you on how I will be cutting back yet still getting my luxury subscription box every month. Yes it is possible to eat well, pay bills and still allow for a savvy treat.


So what are you waiting for read on and see some tips I will be using this year controlled by me not my desire for the luxury lifestyle and spending money that I haven’t got.

  • First things first know what have you got coming in and what will go out each month/week.
  • Write a plan based on what will be paid when and how much each payday (write it in weekly or monthly depending on how you are paid)
  • put this somewhere you will see it all the time so you can focus on being debt free.
  • when food shopping don’t be afraid to buy reduced items if they are freezable they will last up to a month after sell by date in your freezer. Meaning they are edible and also you’re saving money.
  • know when the sales are and stock up on reduced items that can be used for birthdays, anniversaries or even Christmas.
  • Use coupons when you can.
  • what you save can be used to pay off debts faster getting debt free faster or even if you have a few pound left give yourself a treat (but only do if you have followed the plan and paid all necessary bills for the month.)
  • Don’t miss a bill and say ohhh I do that next week or month pay now get it over with.
  • Don’t use the overdraft facility unless you really have to you want to be debt free not adding to it.


So these tips will hopefully help you get back on track and take a lot of stress away from the month to month bill paying. Also allow you to make sure you are keeping on top of lifes bills and potentially allowing yourself a treat a month. But as said above don’t skimp on a bill to allow a treat. The treat is a reward to yourself for sticking to the plan and paying all your bills on time.



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