silky smooth legs ???

I want to share with you a topic that can be controversial topic to shave or not to shave?

So why do women shave yet men have no care?

Well I don’t know if like me the thought of hairy legs and armpits make me shudder. Even after thinking is this because it is perceived that women should look smooth and feminine? Yet some people will not care what societies norms are and go all natural or is it a religious thing?

This is where I thought I’ll get asking and see what people’s opinions are on it. It did surprise to me to how people reacted some were like no it is wrong others where like shouldn’t people be able to be them?

Are we stereotyping women and saying women should act and look a certain way or is it just the way society has become?

Well after some extensive research I was surprised how big a conversation and debate this caused. It is not just about so much stereotyping but also what is said to be the hottest trends. So many people follow what the celebs do and say so if au natural takes on everyone seems to follow but still I think being hairier then a fella not for me.


We are all different and it is seen as a norm in some religions where they say god made us this way why change what he makes us? This is a true statement why change what we happen to be?

It all comes down to how we think people will react. If we think people will react in a certain way we will or won’t do something. This makes us all seem like we are controlled by our minds and what is seen as societies norms. I think everyone is different yet we all have a sense of sub-conscious where we are thinking what will others think if I do this.

So to shave or not to shave? Well personally I will keep my silky smooth legs and armpits but we are all different. What one person does shouldn’t be based upon what others will think of them but how it makes them feel as a person.

What are your thoughts on shaving and not shaving? why do you think you think that way?


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