scarlet fever do you know the signs?

scarlet fever on the rise but do you know the signs?

As scarlet fever is on the rise I wanted to raise awareness of it happening. As parents I am sure I am not alone wanting to make sure my son is well protected. Had all his jabs to keep him protected from all the major big illnesses I would hate him to attract.

Yet after taking him to his recent jabs I was told by a lovely nurse that I should be aware scarlet fever was on the rise in my area. Later on to find out it was actually on the rise country-wide and reaching an all time 50 year high.

Now that is scary you have to admit.

scarlet fever in children
a very sleepy and unwell child is not nice as a parent to see.

so what are the early signs of scarlet fever?

initially it is a tough one to actually spot with simple flu-like symptoms and a raised temperature. Also the glands will start to swell. Meaning the lump on side of the throat will more harder and prominent than normal.

Yet after a few days this is where things change and look less like a bug. A red rash will tend to appear on the chest and tummy area looking like pimpled sunburn or sandpaper. Secondly a white film appears on the tongue looking bit like thrush. Some children also show signs of flushed cheeks but no rash appears on the face area.

scarlet fever
fever of 38 degrees and above can be one of the telling signs your child is not well.

If you see these signs contact your GP:

It can occur in adults and children alike showing same symptoms but it is rarer for adults to contract it.

Make sure when calling the GP they are aware that you may think it is scarlet fever. This is said as scarlet fever is highly infectious and GP may prefer to visit you at home where less chance of spreading it.

once the GP has diagnosed scarlet fever you or your child will given a prescription for some antibiotics. This will not cure the scarlet fever but more just give your body a kickstart to fight it off itself. Also they are used to help prevent any of the other serious illnesses that scarlet fever can cause.

scarlet fever signs
scarlet fever is on the rise but do you know the signs?

What can you do at home to help the recovery?

there are a few simple things you can do. Like with most illnesses doing the following may actually aid the recovery:

  • drink cool fluids even if it is just sipping a bit every half an hour that will still keep dehydration at bay.
  • eat soft foods like mash and beans or cottage pie that not lumpy and easy to swallow. This will keep energy levels up and giving body the boost of nutrients it needs to recover.
  • giving a child calpol every 4-6 hours to keep temperature at bay.
  • use a soothing cream to prevent itching. (One of my personal favourites is *eurax anti-itch cream*. I had this when my older child had severe chicken pox when he was a baby and it really did relieve that itching)

To conclude:

As scarlet fever lasts 7 to 14 days and is highly contagious so stay away from people as much as possible. Also follow the at home guidelines to aid speedier recovery. Mainly though keep taking the medication prescribed by doctor even if you do feel better.

so if you see any the following call 111 or your GP right away: rash looking like sandpaper or light pimpled sunburn accompanied by flu-like symptoms swollen gland in neck lastly a temperature of 38 degrees or above. Click To Tweet
call a GP
the dr will give you some antibiotics to prevent any complications and aid recovery faster

want more info:

look here at the NHS website for more info on treatment and signs of scarlet fever.

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have you ever had scarlet fever before. How did it affect you?

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