diet and save money

save money and lose weight

January is all but over and so many people took the challenge to lose weight, but how many of you have kept to it?
How many wondered if you can diet but also save money? Well I want to share with you how it is possible to lose weight and not spend over the odds.

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There are many ways to lose weight yet not have to spend £40 on your meals then £40 on the families meals too. Pay high gym prices or even eat different to the rest the family. Below you will see how it is really possible.

So let me fire in with my top 8 ways to lose weight and save money:

diet and save money

  • Don’t feel you must have separate foods to the rest the family. You can all eat the same yet be healthier and not cost you loads money. here a link to some family favourites that are healthy and for the whole family. cheap and healthy recipes
  • don’t think low-fat but rather low-calorie. Why because with low-fat foods they have to replace the fats usually with sugar, which will turn into fat.
  • Keep a food diary for a week and note how you feel before and after each meal along with calories and also what you ate. See where the link is to what makes you want to binge out, or where you maybe eating too many calories in a day.
  • Plan ok this sounds obvious but so many people don’t do this and so it leads to binge eating or having a snack on the go. You end up not feeling full and yet you probably just had a chicken salad sandwich with mayo, a coke and then a yoghurt maybe ( 651 calories on average) that is half your daily intake potentially in one meal.
  • cut meal portions by 1/3rd this ultimately saves money. If you think 7 meals a week all cut by 1/3rd will allow you 2 extra meals a week ultimately
  • get the children involved and grow your own vegetables and herbs at home. This is easily done even in containers in a small house or on window ledge in a flat.
  • This may sound odd but obvious at the same time. Have a vegetarian day once a week. I was sceptical of this till my son and I tried a vegetarian curry and now we have it most weeks. It saves on the cost of meat which is high.
  • Don’t feel you have to join the gym because there are plenty of great YouTube videos that you can do at home. Also many games consoles now have fitness workout games.

diet and save money

So as you see it just a few tweaks and you could be hitting those goals in no time. Dieting doesn’t have to be a chore. It don’t have to cost loads money and it all can be done with your family and at home.


What tips would you give to someone trying to diet on a budget? drop me a comment below!!

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