sanctaury spa the latest wet skin moisture scents review

As many of you have seen I have reviewed the sanctuary spa wet skin moisture miracle collection before. Yet I not here to talk about the original. They have only gone and launched 2 new scents in the collection. Here are my thoughts on it.

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Well sanctuary spa are a company who thrive to offer a spa feeling at a affordable price. As a person who loves a quality product at a purse friendly price I am in. I love the brand but I am open and honest when doing my reviews and no product is perfect so be ready for it.

what are the scents you say?

Well they have 3 at the moment the the original scent (ok choice now they have 2 more) and now 2 more white lily and damsak rose (subtle and my second favourite ) and then also by far my favourite green lemon and orange blossom.

sanctuary spa
sanctuary spa have only gone and expanded their wet skin moisture range.

The two new scents are adding extra luxury to the brand. Just like the original and all the other sanctuary spa products they are offering that truly pampered feel for a long time. What I just love about the wet skin moisture range is the fact it never leaves the skin feeling sticky or greasy straight after you used it.

so what do they smell like really?

Well guess what they have the most authentic and beautiful scent. The white lily and damask rose scent just drifts into the air for about 45 minutes after initial use. The skin feel amazing and you feel like you have truly locked in that moisture from your shower. As for the green lemon and orange blossom this is a stronger more powerful scent the smell really is fresh. yet again the scent offers the feeling of being pampered for a long time. The scent lasts bit longer then the white lily I think but again is amazing.

sanctuary spa green lemon scent
get that spa feeling with the 2 new fragrances
white lily and damask rose

how best to use them?

Well it is simple to use and with its after pamper spa feeling. So much so you will be hating to have to wait to use it again.

All you need to do is have that long soak in the bath or allow the water from the shower to cascade over the body drift away. Just until you are ready to get out the bath and then whilst still wet apply a small amount of the wet skin moisture. Apply just like you would an other moisturiser. Then towel dry and carry on the day or night as normal.

Yes it is truly that simple.

where can I get them?

Well if you are quick boots using links above currently have them on offer for £5 saving you an amazing £3 off the original price. If you are like me a bargain is a bargain and money saved is great for other luxuries or bills haha. Also amazon do the original one but currently sanctuary spa have not launched the new scents in miracle moisture there just yet.

so what is your favourite body moisturiser and have you tried the sanctuary spa ones yet?


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