resin necklace review

Otomo resin necklace review

otomo resin necklaces are designed with uniqueness and simplicity in mind.

disclosure: I was gifted this item for free in exchange for my honest and open opinion. I was not paid any fees to write this content.

Who are Otomo?

Otomo is a beautiful online family run boutique offering some amazingly designed products from all over the world. Their ultimate passion is to bring you the best products from every corner of the planet. They certainly do meet this standard of high quality and unique jewellery.

I want to share my thoughts on one of the many resin necklaces they offer.

resin necklace review
the mystery unfolds. an everyday necklace that can be dressed up or down

Otomo resin necklaces are made of a natural wood shape (mine is domino shaped) with a coloured resin splitting the wood apart. The thing with the simply made necklace is that it is a great everyday product to wear rather than a dressing up type necklace.

What I love is the fact the necklace offers a sense of beautifully crafted and unique look about it. All whilst being something you can wear with any outfit any day of the week.

The Otomo resin necklaces well designed and well put together but for £27.95 would I go buy one normally? I have to say I may not it is a lot higher than other companies resin necklaces of the same quality. This leads me to just find the price rather high for what you are getting maybe if it were £10 cheaper I would buy it without a hesitation.

The quality is great of the main piece but the necklace piece itself is where I feel the quality falls a bit. This is great for people who love a simple and natural product with a sense of mystery about it. I love this design myself because I am all about mystery and a natural lifestyle. This is what this necklace is and  this does fit in with me as a person.

my overall thoughts:

Well the overall opinion is this is great as an everyday product that can be dressed up or dressed down. The price for me is tad high but not a huge factor of not to buy it. Overall I love the design and simplicity or this mysterious resin necklace and I will happily wear it most days.

if you would love one too or even see the amazing designs they have on offer look here for your next unique otomo resin necklace

resin necklace review
adding mystery and uniqueness to your everyday life

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