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everyday people go to the gym but guess what so many people are using protein bars for workout energy source. when really they are best as post workout energy source.

DISCLOSURE: I was gifted this product for free in exchange for an honest open opinion. I was not paid to write this content yet affiliate links are enclosed. This means I get a percentage for every sale.

I recently got asked to review some very tasty nut free protein bars for Get buzzing. This is what I really think of them.

Initially my thoughts were ohhh nut free! with a strong-smell and all natural ingredients which I loved. tick tick tick is what my mind was thinking. What is great about Get Buzzing bars is they come in multiple flavours. Therefore no one’s taste is left out here and they are nut-free. Great for nut allergy sufferers.

Taste obviously went down like a treat and OK had a slight dry protein taste to it but was perfect for that quick energy fix especially post workout. I would recommend this to all who are doing intense workouts cos this is a fast acting and healthy treat to boost you up.

packaging is simply coloured to what the flavouring is in the bar. For example pink is mixed berries, yellow banana and so on.  They can be purchased in 2 sizes snack 30g size or meal replacement 62g size. They are handy to put in your gym bag or as a snack on the go.

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Where can I get them?

Well if you want to know how to get yours click the amazon or their website link below







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