my top 5 cookbooks that will help you save money

Wanting to cook more home-made meals for the whole family?

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Sick of the freezer meals that seem cheap and mass-produced?

yet you are living on a budget. Don’t worry this is the perfect post for you. I set myself the task of living on a budget where I had to cook meals at home and not use any ready prepared items. This was actually quite a task.

I took to amazon and bought several cook books and here are the top 5. These actually helped me to eat healthier and still stay within my £35 a week shopping budget. Oh and there was plenty for a family of 4 here.

so what are my top 5?

  • In at number 1 is Jamie Olivers 5 ingredients cookbook .   I love this book and it amazed me how many delicious recipes can be made with minimal ingredients. There is literally everything in here from a simple sticky chicken wing recipe to an extremely filling tuna and bean salad.
who knew it was possible to make so many delicious recipes with just 5 ingredients
  • Number 2 is just me all over a savvy shoppers cookbook. If any of you know me well and have seen my previous posts on saving money you will know I am savvy. I am in love with this book it shares help tips and ways on cutting down your weekly shopping bill. Along with many recipes to match your shopping style.
savvy shiopper cookbook
this is all about savvy shopping with loads of recipes, advice and helpful tips.
  • A book that accompanies the TV show eat well for less- family feast on a budget . Have to admit this is my favourite of them all. I don’t know if this is because I watch the show and so see the food and feel more inspired or what it is. It is packed with 80 recipes and ways on helping you get confident in the kitchen.
eat well for less cookbook
a great book out of a series of them accompanying the TV series itself.
  • Number 4 was a good one too £1 meals . This was one I initially was sceptical about I will admit. This is great for people who have limited time and money to be making meals for the family. This is great as a family of 4 will only cost £4 a meal made and in many cases I even found there was leftovers which can be frozen for another day.
£1 meals cookbook
yes you can feed a family of 4 for £4 that £1 a meal


  • Lastly has to be broke-ass cookbook. The broke- ass cookbook is mainly aimed at people on tight budgets yet who want to eat nice home cooked food. There is everything from making your own homemade chicken stock why waste what can make an awesome extra flavour another time. Right through to a simple meatball and spaghetti meal which I have to say is delicious and now one of my sons fav meals.
broke-ass cookbook
living on a budget don’t mean you must have boring meals

overall thoughts:

So there you are out the 10 books. Yes I bought 10 budget eating cookbooks haha. These had to be my top 5 for sure. They are crammed with helpful tips, advice and tasty filling family recipes.

With so many budget helping cookbooks and advice it can be overwhelming that is why I thought I share my top 5 all time favourite cookbooks with you now.



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