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Ok I be honest was gonna do a whole week of posts all about to really get the spring clean under way. New plan of action now. But i am too in love with Blogging and need to share.

I wanted to share my latest well my all time love in my blogging life. It is the ultimate must have either as beginner blogger or an experienced blogger. I have been buying the blogosphere magazine now for over a year and I am in love with it.

blogosphere magazine
cover stories that are inspirational and honest

Why you ask?

Well the moment I picked it up I was hooked as a blogger with a massive vision to help others. I was like wow this is a book not a magazine. It is think and attractively presented. I bought when I decided I wanted to blog and then in December 2017 I started to really get serious about my blog. It was that time the time to take the plunge and go bigger, offer more and help a wider audience.

Got home sat down and realised no matter how much I read this magazine it was lifetime knowledge Click To Tweet that was evergreen. I have kept every single magazine on my shelf since I got into my blogging life deeply from issue 13.

Recently I just had to subscribe waiting 2+ weeks for it to hit my local W H smith’s was becoming less and less like an option. I needed it as soon as it was out and before it hit the shelves. Yes it is that good.

blogosphere magazine
if as a blogger you not got this. Get to the shops or online and get yours now

What do you get?

To give you an idea for £35 (this is with delivery)  a year bargain in my eyes you get:

  • 4 magazines a year (they are released every quarter)
  • cover poster (which don’t get me wrong is not great but does if you are blogger needing motivation an image to look at and say I am going to get that life)
  • 32 page events supplement (this is a great thing for bloggers who want to get known network. Unfortunately I can not attend many events at moment as my son is young and we have no child minder in my area. That a story for another day too)
  • 7% off annual price (ok over the year that not something massive seen you pay £5 delivery but for the convenience it is worth every penny)
  • delivery to your door (that obvious though and no having to see the shop all time see when it going to be in)

get yours here now

What do you get from the magazine?

More the question is what do you not get and there is so much in it for bloggers. It is the magazine for bloggers by bloggers. As you can imagine it is packed with up to 200 pages of content it pretty much covers everything.

  • bloggers picked as top bloggers by bloggers (lifestyle, parenting, books, travel, fashion, business, food,beauty, photography, fitness to name a few)
  • interviews on various blogging topics
  • topic of the mag articles (issue 15 was affiliate marketing and also brand ambassadorship very interesting topics)
  • in conversation question and answers between bloggers
  • 5 minutes with (different person every quarter)

So in these articles you will gain so many tips, advice but ultimately endless evergreen knowledge. To break up the articles there are several images but is a great balance between image and text.

blogosphere magazine
learn useful tips and advice every page you turn

why i am in love:

Well you can guess it is way too packed to not want it. If you are serious about starting a blog, to start building up and monetizing or if experienced it still offers an insight to others in the blogosphere world.  This magazine offers an honest open look at the blogging life and it is not all rosy I can assure you on that.

There are times of stress, hitting deadlines, emailing, posting, scheduling, planning the list goes on. It is not all read a magazine as great as blogosphere and implement and done. No way it all about learning and getting the balance that is right for you. blogosphere magazine helps you get an idea of what others in your niche do and things you can try doing yourself.




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