keep or bin

make-up has a shelf life too you know!!

If you are like me you would have had or may still have a few drawers and a make-up box full of make-up. Yet did you know make-up has a shelf life too? Yes I am not kidding you it may never seem to have a best before or use by date on it but really it should have.

Sorry but it is time get it out and sort it out. Below is a guide to tell you when it time to replace those beauty loves.

why is it so important to ditch some of it?

Well one word Bacteria. It is everywhere but as you opening and shutting those lids and using various items to apply it, you are exposing it to bacteria. There is no way of getting away from it but there is a way to help keep it to the minimum.

Ok I’ll wait here and you go grab that bin.

Lets get out those broken ones first. Bin it!

now here is the guide. Bin all that is past this time and then either have an excuse to go shopping this weekend or use up what you have. bin or keep

So how long does it last?

  • Blusher – 2 years quite long hey?
  • eyeshadow – now this was a surprise it too last 2 years
  • eyeliner – only a year so if you had yours longer ditch it.
  • liquid foundation and moisturiser – a staggering 2 years. I am sure you would have used it by then right?
  • powders – these too last 2 years
  • lipstick, lipliner & brow pencils – only a year. So ditch them if had longer. Several of mine have been binned.
  • concealer – 2 years
  • cleanser – only a year so if it not all gone by then why you keeping it?
  • sponges and mascara – only 6 months yes 6 months. These are the ones people tend to keep longer but don’t get rid now.  Also wash sponges after every use to keep them at their best for the full 6 months.

keep or bin

So how many are you surprised on?

I was initially surprised on a lot of them but after some ditching and thinking I sort get why they advise it. So by ditching your broken, unused and past it best items you are saving your skin. You are reducing breakouts and keeping skin cleaner longer.

So next time you are sat in front the mirror about to apply your make-up. Think is this old or broken packaging? Am I offering my skin the best look today? If you are thinking one more application don’t if it old ditch it. Love your skin and love yourself.


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