KANDOO aqua flushable wipes – full review

Kids have delicate skin and so do many us adults but many commercial wet wipes dry out the skin. Also when they say flushable usually they are not completely that way.

I got to review kandoo aqua flushable wipes for free4you  as well as kandoo and I thought I would share my full review here. I wanted to share a full review with as all of you. As to me offering a snippet review can never give you a good picture to the overall product.  This is my key drive in all my reviews really.

kandoo review
cleans better than toilet roll

So lets dive in:

Kandoo is a brand that helps children to learn about hygiene in a simple and easy way. They thrive to offer an attractive kid and adult friendly products. In my eyes they have really won me over this time.

Usually I look for the brands that are great for very tight budget families. Yet here is a product that is great for other reasons not just the value for money.

The packaging is simple yet tied in with the brand. You see the frog you know it kandoo. Unlike their usual design of purple and green this one is blue and white. This I think will mean it will stand out from the other kandoo range on a shelf. Meaning we are more enticed to buy it.

how does it fare up in everyday use?

I use wipes for getting my son to learn to wipe himself after the toilet. Also I use to clean off mucky fingers and faces out and about. What is great is kandoo have made this wipe a multi-purpose wipe. Meaning it great for those toilet moments and mucky hands and body moments.

They say that they clean better than toilet roll and I will certainly agree with them. Usually cleaning a child can mean you are using several bits of toilet roll. Yet these will allow you to 2 wipes and it cleans better and is kinder to a childs bum. You then simply chuck those 2 wipes in toilet and flush it is as simple as that.

kandoo wipes
with so many benefits these are great for the whole family

what other benefits do they have?

Well the benefits of this wipe is long. Below are just a few pros of the wipes:

  • handy handbag size. Making them easy to use out and about unlike most bulky sized wipe packets.
  • perfume free. Making them kinder to the skin.
  • can be used on the whole family. This allows one wipe for removing make-up, potty training and general handy wipe for everyday use.

Is there anything I dislike about the product?

Well so far the only downfall I have found is the availability of the product. It seems to be only available in set amount places amazon and Ocado   being just the two main places. This could all soon change when people realise how great they are for the whole family.

My final thoughts:

My final thoughts are this products is a great product. It is ideal for busy on the go families or even families who are toilet training their children. This is so kind to skin it is great for parents with children new-born onwards. In fact it is great for the whole family.

have you tried kandoo aqua wipes yet?
do you use flushable or normal wipes most and why?

disclosure: affiliate links are used within this post meaning I make a percentage of any sale made through them.


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