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Just add water

Are you like me happily stand in the shower and let the water run over you for ages only to get out and dry off and find the skin starts to peel and dry out.

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You are not alone and guess what Sanctuary Spa have got a special treat for us shower lovers or long bath soakers too. A wet skin moisturiser cream to be exact. Sanctuary spa vows it offers a longer lasting moisturising experience to the skin and quicker to use than most regular moisturisers. But does it really do that? I will tell you my personal and friends opinions.

Sanctuary Spa wet look moisturiser is great and comes in a 200ml bottle. It is easy to apply after you get out the shower or bath and is applied directly to the wet skin. You are thinking but I gonna dry myself won’t it just rub it off? NOPE because of it is fast absorption into the already open pores in the skin it means it is deep in the skin working it magic as soon as have applied it and within 30 seconds you can dry self off. Amazing right?

in shower

It leaves skin soft all day long and was a huge hit when I distributed samples to my friends in exchange for their opinions. Not one of my 1000 testers was disappointed with it. They all loved so much actually my local boots unfortunately ran out stock (it is a small boots lol and I did feel guilty in a way). Yet I did find it smelt bit like nivea and that creaminess was great but I love scented stuff and this wasn’t highly scented, but that was all that put me off a bit.

I must say it is fab on sensitive skin as my son and a few my testers actually agreed the moisture was locked into the skin and left skin soft for up to 3 days in some cases. This makes it great for the elderly or anyone who suffers with dried out skin especially in the winter.

sanctuary spa do just what they say they do offer a deep moisturiser feel for days on end. To top it off they really do offer a spa feeling at home affordable prices.


This was not sponsored content I was given the products for free to share and get a wide range of opinions but this post was compiled so I can share my findings with all of my followers. I am not one for keeping my reviews to myself. I love to share my thoughts on everything I get to try.


Have you tried sanctuary spa products before? What is your favourite?

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