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I love Sanctuary spa and I adore how the range is expanding so much lately. I been asked to do a review for the all new shower burst mousse they have bought out and is available to by in boots now.

They have 2 fab products and both offer a lasting divine smell along with an intensive moisturising feel. The 2 products are a charcoal purifier and a 3 day long-lasting moisture burst.

On arrival was shocked as only expected one but soon realised they thought a comparison of the two products would offer a better feedback to all. They metal aerosol type cans are simply designed with the standard classy Sanctuary spa designs. Sanctuary spa really thought about the colouring and design when making them as first glancing it easy to associate the product with the effect it is meant to have. The charcoal comes in a metal grey and the lasting moisture in the sanctuary spa peach colour.

sanctuary spa shower burst



Using the 3 day long-lasting moisture and it really does do that I have used it 3 days ago and my skin is still feeling soft. You literally need a very small amount about a table-spoon of the foam as it soon froth up and that small amount will go really far. As the foam contacts the wet skin it foams up and you are able to smoother the body in a white foam that has a sweet yet citrus smell about it. In the heat of the shower the scent lingers for a long time allowing you to feel you are getting a full pamper experience.


As much as I loved the sanctuary spa 3 day long-lasting moisture one I adore the purifying charcoal one so much more. Just like the 3 day long lasting one you will still only need a small amount and it goes far. Only difference is that the charcoal one comes out the can as a grey foam yet it still smoother the body in a white foam and also has a sweet rather than a menthol smell as it states on it.

so will I buy more?

Either way I will be refilling on these when they eventually run low as they smell amazing and leave the skin feeling amazing far days after. Click below to buy yours now from Boots.

sanctuary spa shower burst

charcoal shower burst

3 day long-lasting moisture


This content is not sponsored and I was not paid to write any content here. I was however given the products for free in exchange for my opinion. There are no affiliate links enclosed.

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