sanctuary spa shower burst

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We all love to get that spa feeling when we are having time in our bath or shower. I am no different and my love for Sanctuary Spa is growing so much.

Recently I was asked to review two of their latest releases at boots. The in shower mousse is a lovely product and I just can’t seem to get enough of it.

Disclosure: I was not paid for the content posted here but was gifted the products to review for free in exchange for an honest and open review.


sanctuary spa shower burst

what I thought of the spa feeling product:


After using the 3 day long-lasting moisture mousse I was surprised how well it did exactly that. Offer a 3 day long lasting moisturised feeling. Even after 3 days my skin is still feeling soft. You only need a very small amount about a table-spoon of the foam as it soon froth up.

Soon as the foam makes contact with water it turns from coloured to white and this is when you realise why I said a small amount is needed.  What makes it even better is the scent and how it stays in the air for a while after using.

I have to say even though I did thoroughly enjoy using the 3-day-long-moisture mousse I did prefer the charcoal mousse more.


The charcoal mousse was menthol smelling and made you feeling not just moisturised but deeply refreshed too.


so will I buy more?

I know I will be refilling on these when they eventually run low as they smell amazing. Not just that but they leave the skin feeling amazing far days after. Click below to buy yours now from Boots.

sanctuary spa shower burst

charcoal shower burst

3 day long-lasting moisture 

wonder what other products sanctuary spa do then you will want to look at this sanctuary deep moisturiser  review post I have also done.


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