January round-up

January round up

Wow where has January gone?

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It has flow by and we are already into the middle of February. As you know so much has changed and so much has gone on with my blog and social media. But are you ready for even more? More reviews, more budget saving tips, more self-help guides and posts, more weight loss help. More then anything though more amazing content for you.

Here is a round-up of Januarys hottest posts.

save money and lose weight – so many people would love to lose a few pounds maybe more, but it can cost so much or does it? See how some simple tips can mean you and your family can all eat together and no separate meals.

diet and save money
dieting doesn’t have to be all about separate foods to the family

the butterfly of the unknown – A lovely review and a great post if you love butterflies, poetry and interesting facts. We have so many butterflies in the British Isles but what are they called and have you spotted a rare one?

butterfly in the garden
how many of them have you seen in your garden?

5 foods that can help weight loss – Carrying on the theme of weight loss this is in the top 5 most popular posts in January. There are so many foods that can help you on the weight loss journey but some of these may actually surprise you.

potato recipes
there are many ways to make potatoes more appealing


boost your confidence starting today – wondering how to boost yourself up, be more confident and potentially start being more you. Look here and also at the bottom is a group if you would like to join for everyday boost.

confidence boost
you can be whoever you want to be. All it takes is a few simple steps to change how you feel to bring out the new you

Lastly in at 5 for the top 5 most popular posts last month is make-up has a shelf life you know? Bet you didn’t know that but it does and here you will find all you need to know about what to bin and when.

bin or keep
Do you know what to bin in your make-up box today?


So now there you have 5 amazing posts for everyone. From what to eat and how to lose weight even on a budget right through to some money saving and health saving tips on make-up shelf life.

What has been your favourite post last month and why? drop me a comment below

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