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Is celeb white teeth possible on the cheap?

Everyone notices I am sure how when you open a magazine or turn on the TV the celebrities seem to have super white teeth. Can you get them without spending a small fortune? You are about to see if Instant white teeth whitening gel sticks will do just that. After doing a week-long trial I can safely safe they are unique.

disclosure: I was given the product for free in exchange for my honest and open review. I was not paid to write any content enclosed.

I have tried several teeth whitening kits from gum shield applications to plastic over peroxide gel on the teeth. They have all done a good job I must say but many leave the mouth with that funny chemical mint taste not nice right.

instant whitening

So what do they claim it does?

Like many products claims are there and offer high expectations of the product. The 4 main claims are:

  1. up to 9 shades whiter
  2. visible results on first application
  3. rapidly removes stains on the surface of the teeth
  4. clinically proven results

So do they actually do as they say?

Like all my product reviews I put this product through its paces. Lets see how it worked and didn’t work. 1st application was interesting it did prove to offer a visible difference in how my teeth looked before and after as seen below. It did make them look loads white even after a very strong curry tea. It even lived up to the ability to remove surface stains rapidly and when I say rapidly I mean after a full 5 minute full mouth application. So as you see so far so good. But where is the negatives about this very high quality product? I only have one and that is the fact it is not a short-term use product but more a consistent use to keep the teeth looking all but celeb white. You will not get that full on celeb white look but you sure will get a lot closer.

This is great and I do love the fact you have no nasty peroxide taste left over after use. Just a fresh mint mouth and simple application.

How do you apply it?

Well in each packet you get 7 pre-filled swabs (makes life so much easier). All which are peroxide free. 1 per day use I used mine in morning and found it left teeth white most the day.

  • Ensuring the swab tip is in an upright position slowly begin to collapse both ends till the swab tip becomes moist with liquid.
  • Use the swab tip to lightly rub and apply a small amount of liquid on the surface of all teeth to be whitened.
  • A circular rubbing technique is recommended for 10-20 seconds per tooth, or 5 minutes covering all teeth.
  • Rinse mouth with warm water after use.

As you see it is so simple to use and all does recommend is not to eat for 30 minutes after to ensure it is fully protecting teeth.

Where can you get them?

Well boots is the only place apart from their own website I have seen them. I have provided a link below

boots instant white


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