I am not FAT I am ME!!!!

If I had to say one thing I am grateful for it have to be my son and being alive in general really. What would you say you were grateful for? house? family? friends? job? Well most people would say the above and I sure initially you will have said one of the above or something in that area.

However not many people love their bodies. Even though our bodies carry us everyday and are flexible in the way it can react to so many situations still people don’t love what their body does or looks like.

The lack of love we show our bodies can be really scary to see in the modern-day world. It is not uncommon now for people to take what is good for them for granted. Click To Tweet


In today’s world we are looking everywhere and see these skinny perfect looking women and it is causing some scary beliefs in how people are perceiving themselves. Is it the cause of the rise in depression and poverty? maybe it is. A common complaint I hear and sure many people think about everyday is I am fat/I hate my body/I don’t like the way I look. This is where the problem lies. The mindset.

As a person who believes we are attracting what we think, You must change them thoughts.

How do I do that?

My advice scrap the fad diets everyone is different and what works for one won’t work for another. Ditch the slimming pills and follow a few of these steps below to change how you think starting today.

  •  be grateful for your body. write down what you eat and add those calories up. Yes I can tell you will be surprised how many calories you are consuming in a day. Look at what you are eating. Is it convenient foods, takeaway’s or is it healthy made at home meals everyday? Stop seeing food as a comfort and see it as a fuel for your body and lifestyle.
  • focus on what you can be not what you are. Look at self and start thinking I am beautiful, I am confident, I am me. Write down all the things you love about yourself and place it somewhere you can see it everyday and say them out loud. Start believing in you and loving you not those skinny models in the magazines and on TV.
  • PLAN PLAN PLAN Yes you heard right plan each day for the week (best time to do this is a Sunday night). Plan your meals there are some fab cheap, family healthy meals online these days. I know it is possible to feed a family of 4 for £45 max a week and that includes online delivery fees too. work out what you should be eating for your daily lifestyle and less 500 calories a week to lose about 1 stone then.

It is so simple and all it will take is a few changes to your lifestyle and you can reap some amazing rewards. Below are a few affirmation images to help you say out loud and get you seeing you are beautiful. I am proud of you for taking the steps you maybe terrified of. Every challenge you set self do it for 28 days and it will become a habit. Believe and you can achieve

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