How to write a awesome review and get more.

So I am a reviewer and am getting approached by several Amazon sellers to help them gain reviews on their products allowing them to get sales and I get free products.

Disclosure: affiliate links are used in this post. This means I make a small percentage on every sale made.

How do I do it?

I write short yet descriptive reviews on amazon and have become part of their affiliate programme.


It takes time and effort to go through all your Amazon purchases and write a review that people will notice. So how do you get people’s attention and get in the eyes of the sellers looking for people to review their products for FREE. Yes doing reviews for amazon sellers I do many for free unless they are looking for more than a review on Amazon.

So lets talk about the review and how to right one that will stand out and get noticed by other sellers and other buyers.

  • Be honest and factual when writing your review. People want to see what is good and if there is bad share the bad about it too. People like to see an honest review. I do share anything that I feel is easily rectified with the seller but share any flaws in my original review too.
  • Share what is useful and unique compared to other brands. This is a hype of the product but you want to keep readers interested and thinking solely about what they are going to buy.
  • try get a photo or two in there too it great to see the product from a customer’s perspective as well as seeing how Amazon highlights it.
  • lastly conclude how you feel about sharing this product with friends and family. Would you recommend it to people and also disclose if you were given the product for free to share your honest and open review or not. This is important for amazon rules.

So you wrote an awesome review shared the beautiful photos what now?



yes unfortunately it all a waiting game it took me a whole year before I got products to review from sellers. The fastest way to get there is be a valuable reviewer of things you generally buy from Amazon and try keep on top of feedback. Make sure you have filled out all your amazon profile too that will get sellers looking more. It also helps you see how helpful your reviews are seen as to everyday potential customers.

This review structure can be done where ever you are doing a review but I used Amazon as an example. Keep eye on your emails who knows you may get noticed by a seller to review something today.





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