How to get the most from your day

As a blogger and affiliate I am forever having to do emails, pitch brands, do posts and all this on top of being a single mum to a 3 year old who is only at nursery 2 and half days a week. Yes life is full on in this house.

So how do I fit in housework, blogging, affiliating for businesses and my everyday life?

I will give you 5 tips below to make a day that allows you to do all this and still have time off for yourself. Now there will be no excuses for no you time.

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  1. I schedule everything from my Facebook group posts right to what I need to do and when in the day. Ok this maybe some peoples thoughts of hell but I can’t not be organised it allows a stress free and relaxed lifestyle for me and my son.
  2. I spend 1 day a week literally going over all my blog posts and Facebook insights. I want to make sure I am giving my readers what they want. To do this I am looking at views I gained on each post, what posts have been hot in the week, who been top contributors and everything I need to make sure I am writing stuff to reach my target market.
  3. I check emails and social media notifications and respond to them 2x a day so I know I am never missing an opportunity. I know that not keeping on top of notifications even once a day can be a huge problem to my business. It amazing what you miss when you don’t keep on top them. Also you don’t want to be a scroller on social media that just so not productive that time wasted.
  4. Blocking out me time and family time is vital to me. I make choices and accept opportunities based upon how it affects me and my family. As many know what happens when you start working all time and having no you and family time. It causes relationship breakdowns, arguments and a stressed and tired house.
  5. As a blogging I also spend about 1 hour a day checking out opportunities available and pitching brands. This is a huge thing to be doing and what can make a business a business or a hobby. I also spend 20 minutes scrolling through and checking my  affiliates websites and social media pages for the latest deals I can share for them with my readers that I know they will love.


So that is my top 5 things to do right now to change your work life balance and I love to hear how much it helps you or any tips you have to help balance work and life.


I spend on average now 5 hrs a day working  and 4 hrs doing my general housework and errands the rest the time is me and my son time. As I said above my business evolves around my son and I life and I never let anything come in the way of it. Each week I spend 14 hrs a week affiliating 21 hrs a week blogging and the 28 hrs doing errands and housework and the rest all for my son as he is my life. This is the reality of business and work. I know soon I will have to reshuffle but as my son starts school soon I know the time won’t have to be negotiated too much to eat into our time.

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