how to diet right the first time to get results

how do you diet the right way for you?

If you are on a diet this post will be right up your street. Wondering why some people get amazing success on a diet yet you can’t no matter how much you try.

Well fear not I want to help you restart your dieting plan but the right way. Yes there is a right way.

diet planning reset
everyone is different just like every diet plan is different

What is the right way?

Well as you know no one is the same and nor are diets. Each diet and person is different so tailoring a diet to a person takes thinking and planning.

Trying to stick to a diet is the hardest part that is because our brains and bodies like routine. When looking at plans don't look and say ok everyone's doing that and getting results I will too. Click To Tweet

Break down the elements of a plan and see what you can and can’t handle about each part of it. For example some people maybe able to cut calories to 800 calories a day for long periods of time. Whilst others would hate cutting down so drastically.

By doing even this simple step you are allowing yourself to be set up to achieve a goal rather than flop at the first hurdle. Far too many people look at what others are doing and assume because it is working for those people it will for you. Wake up it don’t sorry to say. Everyone leads different lifestyle, exercises differently, has likes and dislikes in food. Most importantly though we all want to achieve different weight loss targets at different time scales.

diet plan is all about picking the right door
which door you choose will be based upon the right choices

What is your advice then?

So my word of advice is make baby steps. Start small kick one habit at a time then you will achieve that end goal faster. You will not lack the motivation but will keep going and not even realising it is changing your life. So if you want to cut down the takeaways do it so you feel good for not having that weekly takeaway. Maybe one weekend a month say you will cook a fresh cooked meal instead buying a takeaway.

When I speak to people many struggle finding a diet that is them. I suggest what my mum tried to kick 2 stone in 6 months and to look at small parts of your life at a time. Start looking into what food elements of a diet plan maybe convenient and make you feel you could stick to it. Then look into the length of the plan can you keep to it that long? What are the strict criteria can you stick to that?

If there is a piece that you may find hard look at alternative way to do a similar thing maybe that another plan does. It all about looking for a plan that is for you. You may find you are taking snippets from various different plans. For example exercise from a keto diet and meal plan from the slimmer’s world plan or even meal plan from weight watchers along with your weekly Zumba and swimming sessions.

With weight loss plans you will never hit that ideal number if you are on a diet that you hate. Click To Tweet

Next time you are thinking why am I not doing the same as Jessica in the office. Look at the plan you are doing are you really enjoying it or are you settling for it?

So now it is up to you to go out and reset that happiness clock and be a happier healthier you. Remember we are all different and just like diets not all will be for you.

do you follow the latest fad diets or do you like to plan your own? honestly now!!

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