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how to boost your metabolism naturally

unfortunately we are all plagued by the slowing metabolism due to so many factors. It can be everything from our mothers genes right through to simply the way we eat and exercise everyday. Yet is there a  way we can truly reverse it? A way we can speed it up and be a healthier happier you today.

Yes there is and I am going to show you just 3 of the main ways you can start reversing it today. Say no to the factors that maybe stopping your metabolism from being at it’s optimum levels.

Just a few tweaks could be all it takes . You may start realising it is not as hard as you first thought to kick start your metabolism today. So lets jump in and talk about the 3 top factors that could kick your metabolism into check now and change your life for the better today.

Let’s go……

boost metabolism naturally
boost your exercise 3-5 days a week of interval training can really help you boost your metabolism


Let’s start off with a simple yet very effective way to be not just healthier but also a metabolism lover. If you are also dieting this is something you should add to help you on the journey. Many diets mean you are not just burning fat but also by building extra muscle you can use it as an added energy source when needed. As you see exercise can benefit you health wise and so this is one reason why exercise is so important.

You want to be getting in the cardio training as well as weight training. This is to keep muscle mass strong and at optimum levels as a extra energy source you may need later on. As weight training boosts the metabolism and muscle mass. It therefore will mean you are actually raising your resting metabolic rate and so will inevitably burn more calories even at rest.

Another great way is interval cardio training and this is easily done at home or the gym. All you need to do is 5 minutes warm up exercise, then alternate between 2 minutes moderate jog on spot or on treadmill then 30 seconds all in running flat out with all your energy then back to the 2 minutes again. Do this for 10 to… Click To Tweet

What is great is this type of exercising can be performed at the gym or even in the comfort of your home. It don’t matter where it is done but adding more exercise can really help boost metabolism rates in a simple way.

metabolsim boost
ditch the strict diet plans and metabolism boosting supplements they are most likely doing more harm then good over a long period of time.


Another yet highly effective way to boost your metabolism is to get your diet right. If you want to diet that is ok and your choice, but a great way to boost metabolism is to ditch those strict eating regimes and just eat natural real food. Yes I am not kidding many natural foods will boost your metabolism and you don’t need to worry about calories etc again.

So many people are tempted to boost their metabolism through fat burning supplements and crash diets. Click To Tweet As a nutritionist I am totally against using supplements and crash diets. Our bodies are not designed for it and these ways can sometimes cause more harm then good.

Including some preferably all of these natural metabolism boosting foods to your diet can truly be just the beginning.

  • Almonds: just a small handful a day of these fatty acid nuts can boost your metabolism
  • beans: These are high in fibre and protein 2 of the best building blocks for boosting metabolism. Also it is high in iron meaning they are great for transporting oxygen to your muscles and burning fat faster.
  • berries: all fruits are great for boosting metabolism due to the high fibre and carb content they have. There secret superpower is the way they are packed with anti-oxidants and rid the body of bad radicals during exercise.
  • Celery is another and ok not loved by many. Chewing this means you are boosting the digestive system adding water to your body meaning it boosts metabolism more. Using as a dip is even better especially if it is a hot chilli dip you are using.
  • Chocolate: Yes I said chocolate and this will be loved by many. We are not talking any chocolate though it needs to be at least 70% cocoa content and dark chocolate. raw cocoa is packed with magnesium and this is a huge metabolism booster. Like with sweets in general little amount 2 cubes is all you need. Sorry.


Ok so we talked about how you can boost your metabolism with exercise and diet. Lets talk a few little daily habits that can also help boost your metabolism.

  • Eating breakfast is said to be important and it is. Why? because it is the one meal that will set your metabolism up for the day. It is best when accompanied by a light lunch and even lighter evening meal.
  • having probiotics is great for the gut health and your metabolism. Also it has been known to also boost your skin condition and your mood.  A great all rounder really. These can be taken in supplement form or even better the supermarket probiotic drinks.
  • lastly I will say sleep is so important. Us adults need between 7-9 hours sleep a night and this not just any sleep but deep sleep. You can see in most sleep apps how much deep sleep you get. Not getting enough sleep can raise weight gain and also insulin resistance.

These 3 habits can not just boost your metabolism but also make you feel happier and healthier person. Next time you are thinking of skipping breakfast think again. Grab a probiotic and a hearty breakfast in the morning. Then at night make sure you get plenty of rest and waking the following day refreshed and ready for the day ahead.



Here we have now looked at the importance of exercise and building muscle mass to boost the metabolism each day. Just 3-5 days of interval or any type of intense exercise can help kick start your metabolism.

Also when you add a better healthier diet and few metabolism boosting foods you are flying. Forget those strict diet regimes and supplements they are not what your body is built for.

Lastly we also learnt the top 3 habits that can be used everyday and help reverse the metabolism effects we all encounter as we age.

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