adding just a little bit of fun in the day is not hard

how many calories mummy?

look how many calories i burn
being a mum with an on the go toddler burns a lot of calories

As a single mum to a very energetic toddler I am constantly on the go. I was really curious how many calories do I really burn in a day on average?

Also as a parent myself I wanted to say all you parents do you know how many calories you burn in a day?

Research has been done and shown that looking after just 1 child or more is equal to going to the gym. Click To Tweet


A day in my shoes:

Here is my daily routine.  Ok it is not the same everyday but this is my average day in the week.

Monday to Friday this is my day schedule:

6am:  wake up get up and do 1 hour of work in the office before my son wakes. This is a staggering 43 calories already burnt.

7am: run downstairs get tv on for my son to watch cartoons run back up get him up and go back down with him. Now that another 15 calories gone

they soon add up right. Didn’t really think or realise how much I actually burn even though I am not really started my day yet.

8am: back up the stairs for us both to get dressed and ready to go nursery. another 15 calories burnt

8:30am walk to nursery and back this takes me a whole hour.  Now I only burnt 81 calories but that makes you think that not much different really to working on my computer for same amount of time.

9:30am get 1 hour of work done again. That another 43 calories burnt.

10:30am  get 2 hours of housework done. This is where the calories get really burnt. I have just burnt staggering 272 calories. Wow that some calories just doing my housework.

That 426 calories and it only just coming up to lunchtime.

426 calories burnt and not even had lunch
that is a staggering 426 calories burnt all before I have eaten lunch

all this is before lunch:

12:30 Lunch time and yes I am still calorie burning 13.5 calories just by preparing my food and eating it.

1pm get in another hour and half of work. So that is another 61.5 calories burnt.

2:30 last hour of nursery walking to go get my son and come home. Time to add another 81 calories to my day

3:30 play with my son for hour and half. 382 calories have just been burnt now just by having fun.

5pm tea time another 13.5 calories burnt

6pm son in bath and getting ready for bed.  136 calories burnt for that hour of just winding down.

7pm now it time for the telly for an hour and guess what I still burning calories.  Not many but still is 54 calories in the hour

8pm: 1 hour of work before I officially switch off and wind down myself for the night. Another 43 calories on my day

9pm is 2 hours of tv time for myself and that 108 calories burnt.

11pm usually till 6am  sleeping that 7 hrs of sleep. I would have burnt 161 calories in the night wow.

so as you see my day is constant and on the go all the time. In an average day I am actually burning 1479.5 calories a day this is a staggering amount.

adding just a little bit of fun in the day is not hard
1479.5 calories I burn and not doing anything that a normal day wont mean I am doing.

so what are my thoughts on this?

Well as you can guess I am really and I mean really surprised by this. I knew I burnt a lot calories but am so shocked by the actual real amount. I am burning this and all from doing my day-to-day routine. This don’t include the 2 days a week once a month I go gym for 2 hours a day.

This has really opened my eyes and it has made me realise squeezing in a bit of daily exercise is not so hard after all. So next time your child asks to play why not it great for your fitness and also for bonding.

why don’t you join in too?

It is simple for families to do just 30 minutes of exercise together and it can be as simple as playing football in the garden (540 calories burnt on average per hour) or even a walk around the block without a pram. This is great to help toddlers wind down and tire them out in the evenings before tea. This alone is on average 172 calories burnt for an hours walk. So ditch those excuses and remember everything from housework to playing with the kids is burning calories.

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see what the

get a label  post is here.

disclosure: This post was written by myself. with information from using my own pedometer and calorie burning counter.



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