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How blogging has changed my life?

Ok so many of you are thinking how the hell can blogging change your life?  Well I gonna give you my open and honest reality check here right now. It really has changed the way I look at shopping and my life in general.

How when you get stuff for free and not get paid mega money for it does it change your life?

Well the amount of stuff I have had for free through blogging has opened my eyes to what is in the world. There are so many big names flooding our markets yet the poor little companies are struggling to get a look in. This is where me as a blogger loves to get in and help them.

Let them get their products out there and seen by the big wide world through my honest opinions and help grow awareness for them.

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How this help you as a reader on my blog?

Yes I am not all about the brands and products but am all about you readers too. Why not you are my readers and I love you all. Everyday I get readers coming here to see what I am about. People in the shopping process looking for new products to buy or even to read more about me my life and how I love to blog.

My blog has started to help many businesses to grow brand awareness and also help you readers see that smaller companies can offer some real amazing products too.


How has it helped me change my shopping and life in general then?

Well you be surprised or maybe not depends. Blogging has become a huge part of my life and I have been able to connect with some amazing companies big and small. I now look at local smaller shops because I realized that as a blogger I can get what big companies offer in smaller companies.

Ok I be honest you may experience that many smaller companies are offering products that are higher priced, but you will generally find that they can also be better quality.

I also feel it has opened my eyes to how I live my life. As like many people ok your free at this point to call me a snob but I like a house that is a home a life that makes me look and feel good.


because I feel it is a way of expressing what I can get if I work hard at my blogging. My son has been able to get a lot of stuff too from companies and we just love to share how user-friendly and great some the smaller companies can be. Yet also helping grow awareness for the bigger companies to get their latest lines out there to a wide audience.

I just love blogging so much and I look forward to growing myself whilst helping others see what is about in our ever materialistic world.


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