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Here is another Hair award contender from 2017. Charles Worthington’s moisture seal leave-in conditioner offers to help heal your hair and offer a new lease of life to it on every application. Yet how does it really perform?

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Well I suffer badly and I mean like badly with straw dry hair and I hate it. Trying to find shampoos, conditioners, oils etc anything that will help my hair stay softer for longer is a task in itself. So I was willing to try anything to restore my hair back to my childhood soft gorgeous feeling again. As you can imagine when the Hair magazine approached me last year to do some reviews for them on hair care products I had to jump at it. I needed to see if there was a solution.


what does it claim?

  • helps to restore damage
  • add sheen
  • strengthens
  • anti-frizz protection
  • leaves hair 5x softer
  • moisturised all day long

so does it work or is it another dash to my dream hair?

Long-term I feel yes it can restore damaged hair. I used for a week and did noticed my split ends weren’t so prominent but it didn’t actually stop them just reduced the look of them. This made my hair look more loved and not so dry which was a great bonus. Leaving a sheen look yes it did. Soon as it was applied and started to soak into the hair the softness and glossy look soon appeared.

What is also great is when applying you don’t get that greasy look or feel like most leave-in conditioners. Along with that the hands nor your brush are left sticky and slimy so all good so far hey. Lastly did it leave my hair moisturised all day?

Well honestly it did 90% of the day but soon started drying out again but by this time it was time to wash my hair and so didn’t matter really.

leave-in conditioner

All is great then? Well you know me I love a good smelling product too. Sorry to say this is great smelling on your hands but soon as seeped into the hair the smell disappears. That is all that disappointed me about this great leave-in conditioner.

How do you use it? Is it simple?

Well yes it is really simple to use. It does state it is best used with their shampoo and conditioners but I wanted to try as a standalone product with my own shampoo and conditioner first.

You spent a lovely amount of time chilling out in bath or shower and washed your hair. It is time to get out now dry off and allow your hair to be damp rather than wet. Yes i said get out and allow to dry a bit. Once damp it time to put a small amount in your hand and brush through or use your fingers to comb it in. Keep repeating till all the hair is covered.

I have very long hair and so can guess I need more than most. I actually only used about a broad bean sized amount on my whole hair. Yes is not a lot really.

Overall I love this product but is not a product personally I go rush and buy over other products I have used. This personally is due to the lack of lasting smell. Some will say but that not what it is about but to me smell and performance goes hand in hand. I love long-lasting smelling hair and a long-lasting high performing product.

Amazon has this priced at £13.99 so is a reasonable price for the brand and product. I have provided a link below for you to get it from amazon.

buy it here



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