Get that tangle out

Do you or someone you know suffer from those pesky tangles. You know the ones at the back the head right in the middle where it really hard to get to. Yes I do and no matter how many times I brush my hair they are always reappear how annoying is that?

disclosure: This is not sponsored in any way even though the item was gifted to me courtesy of the hair magazine for testing for their magazine.


So when I got the opportunity a while back to Remi cachet miracle mist I couldn’t wait. I was skeptical but who wouldn’t be when they had tried loads stuff and just kept getting the same cycle of tangles.

This is a life saver they really thought about practical long-lasting results. It is just a few sprays in the hair and brush through. OMG I was shocked as soon as I started to brush the tangles all but disappeared in an instant. Yes literally a miracle mist (excuse the pun). What was an added bonus was the divine smell of like fresh conditioned hair for few hours after.

miracle mist

I just love my hair and beauty products but most of all I like to keep my body well looked after. So this great product offered a deep conditioned feeling and left the hair soft and smelling great for hours. Unlike most product you need to add several times throughout the day to keep the soft and shine in the hair, not here. Also with my hair dry and straw like a lot the time I was grateful for this trial courtesy of the hair magazine. This product really was one to get and I will keep getting this unless something well exceptionally amazing comes to my house to review. Then may consider a change but it will take some beating on quality and lasting effectiveness.

It was originally designed for caring for hair extensions but I will be using it to offer a general long-lasting care to my own hair. This is a must in morning regime now to add the soft and divine smell to my hair protecting it from breakages and everyday weather.

This is not sponsored in any way even though it was given to me courtesy of the hair magazine for trialing for their magazine. I just felt I had to share how amazing this product is for everyone. There is no affiliate links here but I have provided a direct link for you to go get yours too.

the miracle mist you need

hopefully we can find more great products to solve those everyday pains that just take up time. Even mean no more kids screaming house down like they being murdered and all we doing is brushing their hair.


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