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Do you want to look fit like some body in a magazine or on TV.

disclosure: I got these products for FREE from Superdrug in exchange for my honest and open review. I was not paid to write this review.

How many of you look at people in magazines wish you could be as beautiful as them? Well Superdrug is here to stop them pestering thoughts for good. They have asked me to review the all new SOME BODY wellness range. It is divine I must say.

So what is it?

Well Some Body is the all new range to help you look and feel fab using tasty low calorific products. From everyday treats like protein bars to the more tasty popcorn. Yes you can have popcorn.

What is in the box then?

  • We got a tub of vanilla protein shake and yes this was very creamy and tasty. It actually reminded me of ice-cream very moreish and very filling. The fab bit is unlike normal protein shakes it has low calories only 112 calories and all natural flavouring too.
  • Also a very tasty protein bar chocolate orange flavoured. The bit I felt let it down was the very powdery taste but that I should have expected from a protein bar. The flavours were very strong and very filling as was the vanilla protein shake.
  • My favourite bit was the sweet and salty popcorn. Yes a low-calorie absolutely addictive popcorn. My son 3 years old and I did have a bit of a fight over this. We both loved it. We loved it so much we actually had to go down town and ask them to get us some in.  Yes it was that good. The flavours were exceptionally well-balanced from the initial sweetness right to the hit of saltiness
  • lastly was a Detox day and night tea. The flavour was strong and was very powerful in what it did. It is not as good as some I have tried previously but it did the job. 2 cups a day 1 in the morning 1 at night is all it took.20171020_112020

overall thoughts are of well thought out and top quality products. They are well designed with the end user in mind. From the simple design right through to how it will aid an energy boost to your daily life.

some body protein powder

detox night and day tea bags

some body sweet and salty popcorn


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