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February round up posts

Wow where has February gone?

The months are flying by so fast but here at Me my blog and you so much is happening too. February has been all about Valentines day, love and also many big awareness campaigns that have got people talking.

What was your favourite post last month?

Well here are the top 5 most viewed posts of February.

  • World Cancer Awareness Day – Ready for this? 8.8 million people die a year from cancer. By 2030 it is believed this to rise to a scary 13 million people a year. This means more people die from cancer then HIV/aids, malaria and TB all combined. Must admit that scary hey?

    world cancer day
    by 2030 13 million people will die from cancer
  • The anti-vegan backlash has began – As you may all have seen I sure that February has been a big time in expressing about veganism. With social media filling daily with the #plantbased diet that shows off everything vegan based. Looking at it you would have believed the world had gone mad. You would have believed we had all given up anything dairy.
    vegan backlash
    the #milkpintchallenge is on tag a friend who should also drink 1 pint a day



  • save money and lose weight – There are many ways to lose weight yet not have to spend £40 on your meals then £40 on the families meals too. Pay high gym prices or even eat different to the rest the family. Below you will see how it is really possible.
    diet and save money
    dieting doesn’t have to be all about separate foods to the family


  • 5 foods that will help you lose weight –  Being on a diet doesn’t have to be costly you can see here how to lose weight on a budget. More over it does not have to be boring either. Allowing you to keep up the good work longer.
    potato recipes
    there are many ways to make potatoes more appealing


  • The cream of the eye- marc jacobs highliner review – I got an opportunity to try the latest highliner out from Marc Jacobs. Their matte highliner is amazing in my personal opinion. I love make-up and trying new things and when I got this in the post complimentary of influenster and Marc Jacobs for testing purposes I couldn’t wait to try. So what do I think about my new make up?
    make-up marc jacobs
    How well do these highliners really perform in everyday life? well read on to find out


Now February is over but what is to come this March?

Well this month we have got reviews, crafting ideas for Easter and so much to help families live life to the max even on a budget.

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