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ELEMIS superfood facial wash – full review

superfood products are all the rage yet how does this elemis superfood face wash shake up? Well if you are like me you take pride in how you look to the outside world. As well as how you feel inside of course. I really hope I am not sounding vain.

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I love keeping my skin cleansed but am more of a natural yet scented as possible kinda girl. As many of you know I am also a subscription box addict with beauty and things for my home being top priority.

This month I got my look fantastic beauty box and inside it was on the theme of into the blue. It all about springing into summer whilst focusing on hydration, luminosity and all-round rejuvenation. Keeping skin hydrated is key to glowing, younger looking skin and is not just for us women to be doing it.

elemis beauty
look fantastic beauty box june 2018

what in the box?

I want to focus on the Elemis superfood facial wash. At first I thought superfoods wow this going to smell and feel amazing on my skin surely. Wrong it smelt very strong of wheatgrass and less of the nettle and kale that is in it too. All it takes it a pea sized well more a few peas sizes rubbed into your palms with bit of warm water and applied to the face. Elemis say that it will lift the impurities and dirt and leave skin with a fresh and revived complexion. Wow it certainly refreshes you.

When I started it off I thought it leaving my skin feeling soft as a baby bum and so hydrated. Yet even after 1 week nearly of use now it still leaves that same feeling. Every-time I wash my face morning and night. I feel like the impurities of everyday life really has been lifted and washed away.

I was super sceptical of this because of the smell and worried it leave my skin smelling of superfoods. Initially it did but after 10 minutes the smell had to settled and left skin super soft. I love the feeling especially in morning before applying my make-up because I feel refreshed and ready for the day.

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my overall thoughts:

Well all in all I am super impressed with this product it really does do as it says. It does leave your skin feeling fresh and revived looking complexion just minutes after use. When used as directed 2x a day you feel great inside and out. This is something I may well top up on if on offer, but am open to alternatives with a nicer sweet scent to it.

For the fact it does what they say it will do is a huge plus for me.  when doing my reviews this is where I want to make sure it performs at it’s best. Does the product truly do as it says and what are the flaws.

So as you know my only down point is the fact it is very strong scented and initially overpowering. Other then this I am impressed with the quality of the product.

so how does it fair on the price?

Ok so my last point is price. We spoken of the scent, how to apply and my thoughts of the effects now it numbers time.

On amazon it prices at £20 for 150ml in my opinion for how long that probably last it be worth it. Also what better is you can get it on prime too free next day delivery bonus. Want to purchase it you can here now .

have you tried look fantastic beauty box or elemis superfood facial wash? what did you think of it?

not tried it either yet. I love to know what your favourite beauty product is right now!

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