date night ideas on a budget

It so important for couples to have some time just the two of them. Even if you have kids, no babysitter, low budget or even both. There is no excuses not to have some couple time.  But even if you are single you must make you time too.

With prices rising and busier lives there has to be another way surely to get that special time. Below I have set out 5 ideas to reignite or even to just keep that spark there.

This is even more perfect for couples with families as there is no babysitter needed. Extra money saved too.

What is my top 5 ways to have date night on a budget?

  1. Go get a blanket, put the kids to bed and snuggle up together with a good film. That could be on Netflix or even on the TV, but remember this is you time. So snuggle down and think how great it is together. To save even more make a special meal that you both can reheat in microwave after the kids are asleep.

    date night in
    Get a blanket have a film night
  2. Want to make it extra special have a spa night. Get a few candles dim those lights and have a long soak in the bath before giving each other a lovely massage.
  3. Have a night of changing culture or even break away from what you would normally do. Try a new recipe you never tried or even just have a games night together.

    date night on a budget
    Try something new. Try a meal you have never tried before
  4. Relive the first date you had together. Ok if it was outside the house you may have to get a babysitter for a few hours. Nothing brings back that spark like reliving the first date.
  5. Lastly maybe even have a themed night such as French. This you can have a French meal together watch a French classic and even dress-up.

What I am saying here mainly is that just because you are on a budget, have kids or have busy lives you still have each other. This should be cherished and shared with each other at least once a month. A night that is all about just you both.

date night on a budget
date night about the two of you. Even if you are on a budget


But I am single?

And that don’t matter it just means you deserve some you time instead. Just because your single doesn’t mean you can’t be happy too and enjoy what couples have. Just with out the couples action you know what I mean.


So next time you think I have not shown my appreciation this month or even had some me time, think I must do so now.

Do you have date nights? What is your favourite date night going out or staying in?

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